Final statement for Reward Farmers.

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Hope you all are well. Today I am here on behalf of this community and on behalf of @rme Dada to share an important announcement with you all.

Steem Alliance


made by @nusuranur


I would like to disclose something very important in this post.I hope everyone will listen.

In an earlier post I repeatedly warned that those who build this community solely as a means of income will have a very pitiful situation in this community. But sadly, many did not listen to us and did not care.

There are many users who are posting various irrelevant posts every day and those posts are highly visible in this community. But those posts don't need to be made in this community. But those posts are constantly being made in this community. And we said this over and over again. Many moderators are giving guidance through your comments. But above many are not listening or obeying us.

As a new community we may be giving up on many things. Or we accept many things. Many injustices we accept just because it is a new community. But many people think of our acceptance as an opportunity to do wrong.
Which is a very unexpected . Therefore I am now announcing that anyone who is deemed to be a final reward farmer in this community will be immediately banned without warning.

For Moderators

And I call the attention of all moderators. If you see an reward farmer you must contact me immediately. I will take strict action after contacting the founder and final decision will be taken in this matter. From now on every reward farmer in this community will be permanently banned from the community.

Hope it will increase the beauty of the community and change the scene of the community and we will get some good writing in the community. Now we are losing good posts to the crowd of reward farmers. Because we can't see the good post in the crowd of so many posts.

We are constantly telling you all to give us any new ideas about this platform. But many people are not doing it, they are using different methods just for reward farming.

Anyway, I'm calling the attention of all moderators again. Report me immediately if you get Reward Farmer in the community. I will contact the founder and my team and then I will take a strict action.

With that, I am drawing the attention of others. If you can identify a reward farmer in the community, please contact with our team.

  • Another thing is, many give objections that still many low quality post go to nominations. Since we have a curation team. I would like to inform everyone that curation is done very flexibly so that everyone can correct their mistakes. I hope you will respect this.

  • I said earlier that our observation period is going on. Which is over. Now only we will take action. So everyone be careful.And I have already identified a few IDs. I am drawing their attention.

And another thing there is a good news coming soon for the moderators of this community which our chief coordinatior-Curation Team Member @hafizullah will tell you. Hope you all will be happy with it and your work speed will also increase.

I hope all moderators help to stop this reward farming.

The End📍

Thank you all for your support. Let us know in the comment section if you have anything to say. We will be happy to help you.

Again,Thank you all. Together we will take this platform to the top.

We all have one goal - make Steemit great again.

Hoping for your valuable feedback. Together we will bring development to this platform.

Thank you
Best Regards,



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Reward Farmers....?

Do they cash out as much as you do?


 last year 

1st you need to know what is reward farming and what is earning? I am officially admin, moderator of 3 communities ,i am a member of our witness team also work with all the communities we have. I spend a lot of time on this platform and do work every day. I spend a lot of time daily for this platform. We have many effective projects for this platform. We have ABB-school, bangla.witness,abb-fun,ticket system and many things.I am involved in many other activities including our witness. I earn these by working and I cash out my own earnings.
And reward farming is those who take rewards unfairly. Those who take wrong approach and get rewards. Hope you understand.
thank you.

 last year 

You are right apu👍🏻.

@kiwiscanfly, please do a complete research before accusing anyone.

Another one that like to cash out thousands of steem per year, but that's alright because you are a communication manager LOL

 last year (edited)

🤔, You actually need a research then and I just got this position from a month and check how much I earned and withdrawan then come back here.

And who actually withdrawan thousands then,🤔. Because you are kiwiscan'tfly. Lol


And reward farming is those who take rewards unfairly

You could just flag the so called reward farmers?

 last year (edited)

This is a must do. This will reduce such activities in this community. Thanks for the update dear ☺️

 last year 

Thank you.

 last year 

Thank you apu, for the announcement many chances given to all, but still some don't understand due to our flexible behaviour but now they will know and feel the actual thing if they try to be a reward farmer and abuser after this announcement.

But I also excited 😄 about this:-

And another thing there is a good news coming soon for the moderators of this community which our chief coordinatior-Curation Team Member @hafizullah will tell you. Hope you all will be happy with it and your work speed will also increase.

 last year 

We never showing our flexible behaviour for long time.So,everyone should respect this.
wait brother wait.🤓

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I hope this message finds you well. 🌟 I wanted to extend a warm invitation to check out my latest uploads of world news ✨ Your support means the world to me, and I'd love for you to be a part of my creative journey. Feel free to drop by and leave your thoughts—I can't wait to hear from you! 🎉

Warm regards,

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 last year 

This is a very interesting update, thank you fir sharing.

We also anticipate the update from hafizullah 😀.

We steem to the moon, together we can make steem great again 💪💪💪

 last year 

You're welcome.

And another thing there is a good news coming soon for the moderators of this community which our chief coordinatior-Curation Team Member @hafizullah will tell you. Hope you all will be happy with it and your work speed will also increase.

I am now waiting for this annocement and guidelines now..

Thanks for update my friend .

 last year 

Wait wait....
Welcome friend.

 last year 

Thank you for this wonderful update, it's so sad to see some users abusing the curation power of the community to farm rewards by posting low quality contents daily. Secondly, I hope the team can come up with an initiative that will create or boost engagement/interaction among the mods/admins/developers of each communities.

Finally, we are all anticipating the news coming, together we can make Steem a better web3 platform.

Thank you!

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