The Steemit Awards 2023 - My nominations for best author, contributor and community

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Greetings everyone,


I hope you are all well. Today I am submitting my nomination letter for the 2023 steemit awards. You can also get the more informations about this through this link.

Best Author :- @theentertainer

I have actually seen many good authors in this community. But here I am not allowed to present the names of all those people. Since only one name could be submitted, I chose one of them. It's @theentertainer.

If I talk about him, it has been about a year since he came to this platform. But I see good progress in him during this time. Even in a short time, he became a prominent figure in this platform. And if we talk about the quality of his articles, they are very good quality content. He also motivates other users to post quality content.

I have seen some of his high quality content recently. Its will really be very helpful articles to other users in this platform as well. I am presenting two or three links to some of those articles below.

1, 2, 3....

He also works as an admin in the ccs community and as a moderator in the steem alliance community. He performs his duties well and accurately. It is for these reasons that I nominate him as the best author.

Best Contributor to the Community - @rme


Really even words are not enough for me to say about sir @rme. Because there is so much to say about him. In short, he

Big investor
• Good blogger
• Steemit witness
•Good developer
• Good contributor

He is the admin of more than 5 communities in Steemit. Those communities are also the communities that have won an outstanding reputation in this platform. Also, since many years, he has invested his personal wealth in this platform and works for the success of the platform. He is a good contributor not only to one community but to the entire steemit community.

Talking about his contribution to this steemit platform, the steem pro mobile app that he recently presented is a good example of it. Because until then there was no such mobile application for steemit.

He is also working as a bangla witness. This is also his new project. And the curation account named shy-fox provides free votes to the users. A feature I see in all his communities is good planning, equality, fairness, well-made rules, good moderators, good coordination and helping newbies, many things remain the same throughout the years in his communities.

Moreover, he also brought big investors like @hungry-griffin to this platform.

Truly, I have never seen someone so perfect, so humble and so unassuming like him on this platform.

Best Community - Steem Alliance

No matter how many communities there are in the Steemit platform, the steem alliance community is different from all those communities. Because this community has been created to gather the admins and moderators of all the other communities in the steemit platform, and go on a new journey.

Normal users are not allowed to post articles here and community admins and moderators are allowed to post their community's monthly report and weekly X reports.

And one of the main objectives of the steem alliance community is to promote the steemit platform through X. That is why it has been advised to publish X reports weekly

❤ Thanks for reading ❤

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Hello @nishadi89,

Please this post of yours is not acceptable in the community.

It is not in allignment with our community guidelines, please take note

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Hello dear,

Is it not possible to publish the article for steemit awards in here..? I thought it was within the rules because it was something related to the steemit platform.

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