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Hello Everyone:

Today I will announce the Upcoming Developments in the SteemFoods Community. These developments are very important for the future. SteemFoods Community does not have any moderators other than its founder @alikoc07 and SteemFoods South East Asia Representative @el-nailul. The SteemFoods Community continues to grow, we need moderators from each country who can take a closer look at our participants. Today I am sharing two upcoming developments with you.

  • 1-) SteemFoods Country Moderators

  • 2-) User Verification System

SteemFoods Upcoming Developments.png

First of all, I will give detailed information about SteemFoods Country Moderators.

SteemFoods Country Moderators

The number of newcomers to the SteemFoods Community is increasing and we need country moderators who can engage them closely so that these participants can both better understand the steemit and improve their content in the SteemFoods Community. I am looking for moderators who can provide detailed information with the SteemFoods Community and encourage new participants from the country they will represent to produce content in the SteemFoods Community. I will be recruiting moderators for three countries right now.

  • Venezeula

  • Bangladesh

  • Steem Africa Region

If you have detailed information about SteemFoods Community and think that you can lead our participants in your country, you can comment under this post. As an extra, you can contact me on discord.

User Verification System

The User Verification System is necessary to get to know our participants in the SteemFoods Community better. The main reason for this is that some steemit users have more than one steemit account and they try to get vote support by producing content in many communities with these accounts.

How Does User Verification System - When Will It Happen - Verified Account Badge?

User authentication system will be very simple. It will be sufficient to write your steemit user name and date on a piece of paper and share a selfie photo in the comment section. I will distribute a "Verified Account Badge" to all participants who perform user verification. I'll add this badge with your name. ()

After successfully recruiting a moderator to SteemFoods Community, I will share the detailed announcement about "User Verification System".

SteemFoods Verification System.png


Quick Delegation Links:

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Hello @alikoc07 . congratulations for your great work in steemfood community.Very nicely spoken. It is a fact that many people in this team are trying to get votes by using more than one ID. I am very happy to hear that a moderator will be taken from Bangladesh. I've been posting on Steam for a long time. I post according to all the rules. Selected in my last post. Many people in our country are currently posting on Steam Foot. I hope if I am made a moderator then I will be able to follow the proper rules and help newcomers.i hope you will give me a chance to prove me a good moderator.
Thank you 😌.

Hello @alikoc07. At first I want to congratulate you for your great success. I am a big fan of your work. You really worked hard to build this community and I have respect for that. I liked this idea of adding moderators from other countries. I want to apply for moderator role from Bangladesh. I am willing to work for this community. I have been involved with this community for many months. I posted many food recipes and blogs in this community. So I have ideas about foods. Specially Bangladeshi foods. Beside I can help to increase activities of Bangladeshi people more in this community. Hope you will give me a chance to do something for this community. Currently I have been planning for powering down but in future I will delecate to support this community. Waiting for your response.

Best wishes from Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️

The idea of recruiting/having country or region representatives sounds great. They surely can invite and inspire more people to join this amazing food community. Also, they can guide and teach.
I'm from Bangladesh and being around this community for a while. It would be amazing to see myself or someone who well deserves to be a moderator for this community from Bangladesh.
Looking forward to the updates.

they surely can invite and inspire more people to join this amazing food community.

And that would be awesome :)

Thats really a tough job for steemfoods specially @alikoc07 to check all the people participating in the contests and posting in steemfoods so country moderators are really important.
I am janemorane from Pakistan, many people from Pakistan are making quality and original posts in steemfoods and I can do the job of the moderator for steemfoods actually It will be honor for me to represent my country..
Best regards

 last year 

Hello :

Thank you for attention. In the SteemFoods Community, we don't have many participants from Pakistan at the moment, but by recruiting a moderator from Pakistan, we can reach more participants. I will evaluate your application. :)

Yes I will motivate more people from my community to join steemfoods and post there, it will be an honor.
Thanks for your reply..

Buenas tardes buena información pero una pregunta en esta misma publicación tenemos que agregar el selfie o en qué parte.


 last year 

Excelente iniciativa amigo @alikoc07 es un gran honor ver cómo la comunidad sigue creciendo eso es muestra de lo grandioso que ha sido el trabajo fuerte de todos y de ti principalmente como creador realmente necesitas apoyo y ayuda para que todos los usuarios queden satisfechos y sigan publicando de mi parte cuentas con mi apoyo por parte de Venezuela que somos muchísimos los usuarios, saludos y muchas bendiciones para ti..!!


When it comes to the account verification system, it will be a bit difficult to do. As it can be shown someone else pictures if it is only one go.

The other way that we can do it is by including selfie photos on each and every steemfoods post such as cooking their own recipe or contest or so for at least 1 week. By doing this way, the account can be verified precisely. The other way is by the help from the steemit team to check their account activities and IP address.

Secondly, every post need to be checked as steem-exclusive and not double post on the other platform

Is that possible to get that way?


Best Regards

 last year 

Hello :

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to track the activities of a user on the IP and steemit platform. The main purpose of this system is to get to know our participants and enable users with two steemit accounts to use only one account in the SteemFoods Community. In the first place, the User Verification System will be very simply writing the name and date of the steemit user name on a paper and sharing a selfie photo. I will give a "Verified Account Badge" to our participants who perform the user verification process. After recruiting a new moderator, I will share a more detailed post about "User Verification System".

  • I can easily check if all posts in the SteemFoods Community are steem-only. We try to give voting support to our participants who produce only steem-exclusive content. In this way, there was a huge increase in steem-exclusive posts.

Excelente iniciativa amigo me encanta esta comunidad y sigue creciendo... Saludos

Como siempre SteemFoods @alikoc07 en compañia de @el-nailul trabajando de una manera planificada, ofrezco mi participación activa para trabajar en equipo con usted desde Venezuela, para mi seria un honor formar parte de su equipo de trabajo y contribuir con el crecimiento de esta comunidad desde mi país.

A disposición, ya con planes :) .

Thank you for your proposal, @alikoc07 will look at this. And thank you very much for your active participation in this community @rypo01

Best Regards

Muchas gracias a ustedes por sus importantes ideas y trabajo fuerte dedicado a Steemit, El ÉXITO es el resultado de cada hora dedicada a este buen trabajo.

Feliz día.

 last year 

Gracias por su atención. Me comunicaré contigo acerca de la moderación a través de la discordia.

Muchas gracias estimado @alikoc07 con gusto estaré esperándolo, feliz y exitoso día.

 last year 

Voto por ti amiga aunque no haya votaciones jejeje. Admiro mucho tu trabajo. Es excelente 👍

Muchas gracias estimada @nahela por tu apoyo, para mi es valioso y un honor leer esto, GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS.... Y si hay votaciones, pero de los lideres que esta evaluando y decidiendo entre el gran grupo de Venezolanos con grandes capacidades y multiples ideas para hacer crecer Steemit y Steemfoods que nos postulamos... Que sea la voluntad de Dios principalmente y de ellos...

Que tengas un día EXITOSO y productivo.

 last year 

Amigo @alicoc07 entre todos te vamos a apoyar para seguir adelante y ser la mejor comunidad de #steemit. Cuenta conmigo desde Venezuela.

O really a very good idea of developing the moderators of different countries to engage and guide the new commers in Steem Foods.

Are the participants in Africa few? Considering you are recruiting a single person from the entire region which officially speaks different languages.

 last year 

Hello :

At the moment, we do not have many participants from the African Region in the SteemFoods Community, so one moderator will be enough. Many of our contributors from Africa are creating English content, so it won't be a problem. In the future, we can add a moderator from each country of the African Region.

Ok. Good to know

  • Saludos @steemitfoods, me parece genial esta propuesta que haces y me gustaría ser parte de ella. ¿Debería cumplir con algún tipo de requisito? soy venezolano y seria un orgullo poder ser parte del grupo de moderadores por parte de venezuela.
 last year 

Hola :

Evaluaré su solicitud, gracias por su interés. :) / El moderador que estoy buscando debe tener un conocimiento detallado de las reglas, el apoyo a las votaciones, las delegaciones y los premios de las delegaciones en la Comunidad SteemFoods. Estoy buscando a alguien que pueda observar más de cerca a nuestros participantes que puedan preparar contenido en español contratando un moderador que hable español.

 last year 

Hola @alikoc07, y como se hace con los amigos que estamos en Colombia aunque somos venezolanos pero trabajamos desde aca y con ganas de seguir buscando personal para que se una a la plataforma.

O sea mi pregunta es seguimos trabajando con los representantes de Venezuela?

Espero me haya explicado bien


 last year 

Hola :

Actualmente no he preparado estadísticas de participación para nuestros participantes en la Comunidad SteemFoods por país, pero podemos elegir al menos un moderador de cada país en el futuro. Por ahora, elegiré un moderador de habla hispana que conozca bien las reglas de la Comunidad SteemFoods y pueda crear contenido de calidad para que pueda verlo más de cerca.

 last year 

Bueno gracias y agradecida de su respuesta estaré pendiente de lo que se haga


 last year 

Hola amigo @alikoc07, y como se hace con los amigos que estamos en Colombia aunque somos venezolanos pero trabajamos desde aca y con ganas de seguir buscando personal para que se una a la plataforma desde aca de Colombia.

O sea mi pregunta es seguimos trabajando con los representantes de Venezuela?

Espero me haya explicado bien


 last year (edited)

Hi @alikoc07 and @el-nailul

This is a really great announcement. I think it will be effective to growing community.

In the last four-five months, many new communities have been created in the steemit platform. steemit foods is the best community of all community. From this community we get some good quality content every day.

There are many steem user in Bangladesh. Despite the fact that Bangladesh has more steem users, only a few people post in the steemfood community. First we need to make our steem users interested in steem foods community. It will be challenging but not impossible.If you think me worthy. Then I am ready to accept this challenge.

My responsibility will be to make all Bangladeshis interested in steemfoods and give them good quality content. Hopefully together we can take the steemfood community to a better place.

  • would like to discuss this with you in more detail.

Thanks @alikoc07, @el-nailul

Best regards @sm-shagor

 last year 

Hola amigo, esta iniciativa me parece extraordinaria, ya que la comunidad cada día crece y el trabajo realizado por ustedes es muy por ende me imagino lo agotador, con todo gusto estoy dispuesta a ayudarles con este lindo y sabroso trabajo.

hey there its great and i like the idea of user verification system its reaily good and i would like to be in the moderators iam from pakistan and i can handle india pakistan both and many of my friends are joining now so

 last year (edited)

Felicitaciones a toda la comunidad SteemFoods. Reconocimiento al valioso trabajo realizado por @alikoc07 y @el-nailul en beneficio de la Blockchain Steem. En tiempos de cambio y continuación del progreso me pongo a la orden a fin de considerarse mi participación como moderadora por Venezuela.

Feliz día para todos.

Publicación compartida en mi cuenta Twitter


 last year 

Excelente iniciativa amigo @alikoc07 conjuntamente con @el-nailul que hacen un buen equipo en esta comunidad. De verdad que para mi es un placer ver y ser parte del crecimiento de #StemFoods agradecida amigo con el apoyo prestado y la ayuda para todos los que hacemos vida en aquí. Felicidades por su magnifica labor

Excelente amigo @alikoc07, la comunidad de #steemitfoods

Excelente amigo @alikoc07, la comunidad Steemitfoods es simplemente genial y ha crecido muchísimo gracias a ti. Me encantaria formar parte de esta comunidad y aportar un granito de arena para hacerla crecer mucho más.

 last year 

Excelente la inciativa @aliko07 ya que nuestra comunidad esta presentando un gran crecimiento y es faborable poder brinda mas de cerca acesoramiento tanto a lo nuevos integrantes como tambien apoyo a los que ya tienen tiempo aca, para asi seguir creado contenido de calidad y de esta menera logra que todo siga marchando como hasta ahora.les deseo la mayor de la suerte en la busqueda.
presto a colaborar.

How about in the Philippines? We really want to be known as well in this community and platform. I have friends and their friends who are in steemit and also posting in steemitfoods community. We hope could be guided on what's best for us...

Best regards!

 last year 

Hello :

It makes me very happy to see participants from the Philippines in the SteemFoods Community, but we don't have many attendees from the Philippines at the moment. I will create a detailed statistics about how many participants from which country we have in the SteemFoods Community in the future. I can also hire a moderator from the Philippines in the future. I will be recruiting three new moderators as a start right now. Thank you for your attention . :)

That's a good plan @alikoc07. I will share this to my Filipino friends so we could encourage more participants in our community. Thank you very much for the response and support!💖
Oh by the way, I just have my entry few hours ago, I hope you could check it out... 😊

 last year 

I check all posts on the SteemFoods Community, thank you for your content creation and good wishes.

 last year (edited)

Wow, this is an amazing development in the steemitfood community. @alikoc07, you really need assistance.

I will like to coordinate for the steem African Region

 last year 

Excelente iniciativa, quiero felicitarlo por el gran trabajo que ha realizado hasta ahora y de seguro será aún mejor en alianza con los nuevos moderadores. De más está decirle que estoy a la orden desde Venezuela, sería un placer colaborar un poco más con esta comunidad. Saludos

 last year 

Hola :

Muchas gracias por tu interés y buenos deseos. :)

 last year 

Que excelente manera de hacer crecer a la comunidad @steemfoods, gracias al amigo @aliko07 y @el-nailul por el trabajo dia a dia en la comunidad y por ayudarle a crecer.
Me parece muy bien la manera de buscar el moderador de los países, para asi guiar y ayudar mas de cerca a cada miembro nuevo en la comunidad. Deseo la mayor de la suerte, encantada de poder estar aqui saludos éxito y suerte a todos! Seguimos trabajando!

Muchas gracias por su participación hasta ahora en esta comunidad de steemfoods. Su contribución a esta comunidad es realmente notable. Una vez más, muchas gracias por todo tu aporte.

Mejores Regars

 last year 

De nada amiga @el-nailul, en la unión esta la fuerza! Saludos dios los bendiga y siga iluminando su camino en este mundo.! Desde #venezuela esta servidora @elianisa09

excellent initiative friend always thinking of the best the Steemit community in general .. greetings I am here to serve you if you need any help!

Hi there, any slot for indonesians mod? :) may I Join?

Que bueno amigo que la comunidad cada día está mucho más grande con tantos participantes de disferenyes países.

Hello this is me

 last year 


Thank you very much for participating in the user verification system. After the moderator selections, I will prepare a detailed announcement regarding the User Verification System and then distribute the Verified Account Badge (☑) to our participants who participate in the verification system. :)

 last year 

Excelente idea poder delegar a otros moderadores, son muchos usuarios activos, y asi otros tienen la oportunidad de recibir algun voto positivo. Me parece excelente la verificacion de usuarios, y que sea contenido exclusivo para steem, aunque no reciba voto a favor sigo publicando con amor en esta comunidad.
Me enamore de ella, y deseo el mejor de lao exitos para todos los que compartimos aqui.

Gracias a @alikoc07 por su buen desempeño.

 last year 

Hola :

Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos. También me preocupo por todos nuestros participantes y continúo mi trabajo para llevar la Comunidad SteemFoods a lugares mucho mejores. Espero que los acontecimientos recientes hagan felices a todos nuestros participantes. :)

I really Appreciate your great work @alikoc07 in this community and I'm happy for this development. Bravo for this great development.

I'm in for the Steem Africa Region. I really want to do something for this great community and I think now is the right opportunity to apply for it. Thanks

 last year 

Hola @alikoc07 deseo ser parte de estos cambios y progresos en la comunidad, me gustaría poder ser moderador de mi comunidad favorita.

Effectiveness is measured by how much a company can proper control the administration. This is really great. I like it.

I hope the verification will happen soon meanwhile let me be first to get verified.


I would love to heklp this amazing Community to grow, i would love to help as a Venezuelan the Moderator!

Hi @alikoc07 and @el-nailul. I live in Bangladesh and I have a long association with this platform. You have made a very good announcement and I would be proud to be the moderator. I will try to take this community forward.

I have an idea and you can put it in your rules if you want. Using this idea, moderators in each country will be able to easily find posts from people in their country. For this need to use a tag such as steemfoods-yourcountry.

Example: steemfoods-bangladesh, steemfoods-india, steemfoods-pakistan

Guao, es increible el rabajo que estas haciendo para hacer crecer aun mas a la comunidad y sea la pionera en Steemit. Creo que puedo postularme para ayudarte. Aunque veo que aqui hay mucho talento para ser un buen colaborador en la comunidad de parte de mi pais. sea cual sea que escojas estaré muy contenta, Todo sea para que todos estemos muy bien.

@steemitfoods, It is good way to manage the community so you have planned well.

 last year 

@aliko07 I want to appreciate your work, you are doing really very tough job for growing this community steemfoods, as you are one who's managing the community so you really need a responsible country moderator
I'm @suboohi from Pakistan, many steemains are in your community and they are doing good work, I'm new at steemit but have ability to take charge in responsible way. It will be a great honor for me to represent my country pakistan as modrator

Excelente amigo @alikoc07, felicidades y bendiciones para ti y todo el equipo, cuenta con mi apoyo... Saludos.

Captura 2.PNG

 last year 

El sistema de verificación de usuarios no está activo actualmente, anunciaré el anuncio detallado sobre el sistema después de los resultados del reclutamiento del moderador. Gracias por su atención.

At first I want to thank @alikoc07 and @el-nailul their contribution to the SteemFoods Community is truely remarkable. I am very happy because our community is growing very fast. Also I want to thank @steemcurator01 - @steemcurator02 - @steemcurator06 - @booming accounts for supporting the StemFoods Community.

I am @masumrbd. I am from Bangladesh. I am uploading exclusive food recipe contests on SteemFoods Community from last month. I have read the A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS / How Can I Create Quality Content? and Voting Support the pinned post on the StemFoods Community I believe I maintain them all in my contents. So, I can encourage new participants from Bangladesh so that they can easily produce good quality content in the SteemFoods Community.

It will be an honour to lead our participants from my country and let them know detailed information about SteemFoods Community so that they may succeed.


 last year 

Hello :

Thank you very much for your interest and comment. I will evaluate your application. We would like to see many more exhibitors from Bangladesh in the SteemFoods Community. :)


Hello. I would like to apply for the #venezuela moderator position. I have English as a second language.

Hola, me gustaría postularme para la posición de moderador de #venezuela. Hablo inglés como Segundo idioma.


Imagen que emplee al iniciar en STEEMIT, ya publicaré una actualizada para #steemfoods

 last year 

The User Verification System is currently not active, I will announce the detailed announcement about the system after the moderator recruitment results. Thank you for your attention.

Hello friend @alikoc07, this is my photo for user verification. Greetings.


 last year 

The User Verification System is currently not active, I will announce the detailed announcement about the system after the moderator recruitment results. Thank you for your attention.

This is a good news to all steemfood lovers😍😍

Well done @alikoc07 and @elnailul

Hoping that you would consider Philippines also..because slowly philippines are now had a new members and some of them are steeming here at steemfoods..

I will work for this one and inspired them to post their work here at steemfoods.

I did it 3 years ago.. help me to do it again.


Based of the new rules on steemfoods, I'm here to verify my self.. Looking forward for more developments and engagements.


 last year 

Hola muy buena la iniciativa y lo que se expresa en esta publicación y estoy altamente interesado y comprometido en poder calificar en la verificación para ser representante por Venezuela.

User verification comment post.

So excited to be apart of #Steemitfood community! 🤩🤩🤩

it is great idea of recruiting i have great wish to work as moderator for steemit food community, i also placed my wish in start , if there is any plan to increase this network, i am from pakistan, and i want to present my service for moderator for steemfood, it is really great, and i will feel great good to help my community pakistan in this regards, nice plan @alikoc07

  • hope this plan also will be in pakistan also

I will be looking forward to participate in the verification system. I'm glad you are thinking about having more moderators. I've had the opportunity to be a curator or moderator on steemit and other blockchain and it's quite a lot of work, especially when there are several languages involved. I'm glad the community continues to grow. Best wishes to all!

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