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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will share with you the details of the 22nd contest that I will organize in the SteemFoods Community. Last week, I announced the results of the competition I organized with the tag steemfoodsroadto200k. With the competition last week, many of our users on the -steemitfoods account supported us in our goal of reaching 200K SP with the maximum SP delegation they could. Thank you again to all our users who supported by delegation. Now, I will share with you the subject and details of the competition that I will organize this week. I would like to say in advance that this competition has a special rule. Users who delegate a minimum of 150 SP to their steemitfoods account will be able to participate in the competition.

  • You can have information about the results of the competition I organized with the steemfoodsroadto200k tag by clicking the link below.

SteemFoods Delegation Challenge Contest Results | 15 Steem Rewards Distribution | +16K SP Delegation 📈

What Is This Week's Contest Subject?

The theme of this week's competition is "Promote Your Favorite Supermarket". We would like to see in detail the favorite supermarkets of our users from different countries in the SteemFoods Community where they live and the prices of the food products in this supermarket. By seeing the price of food products where our users from different countries in the SteemFoods Community live, we will see how much support a person needs for their basic needs for food donation in the future. In addition, we aim to help you with your weekly supermarket needs by trying to vote for your posts in this competition.

SteemFoods Contest 22 .png

About Promote Your Favorite SuperMarket:

Your Favorite Supermarket may be in a small market close to your home, inside a shopping mall, or in a wholesale store. It will be enough for us to introduce a supermarket where you meet your food needs on a weekly basis, sell economic and quality products, and where you shop before. We do not have a limit on the type of supermarket. We accept any business where you buy your supplies on a weekly or daily basis.

  • Add a selfie photo of your favorite supermarket to your post.

  • Include in your post why this supermarket is your favourite.

  • It would be great if you include photos or price lists of essential items from the supermarket in your post. For example, prices of 1 pack of rice, 1 pack of flour, granulated sugar, salt, one kilogram of chicken and beef. It would be great if you add the price of other products that can help us along with these examples.

  • If you have shopped from your favorite supermarket, you can add the products you purchased and the receipt to your post.

  • You can add the location information of your favorite supermarket to your post. In this way, a steemit user who lives in the same region as you can discover a more economical supermarket.

Application for Location Information :

Biggest Tip for This Competition:

Our user, who adds the price list of the food products where you live and the photo of these products in the most detailed way to his post, will increase the chance of being one of the three winners of the competition and the chance to win a good vote for his post. To be one of the winners of the competition, you can add a selfie photo from the supermarket, why this supermarket is your favourite, the advantages of this supermarket and whether it is economical compared to other supermarkets.

What are the Contest Rules?

  • Only users who delegate a minimum of 150 SP to @steemitfoods account can participate in this competition.( All users who delegate over 150 SP can participate)

  • Share your post in the SteemFoods Community.

  • Use the #steemfoods-supermarket tag. (Entries of the participants who do not use the tag will not be accepted.)

  • Share quality and original content. (The photos you use in your post must be your own.

  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; steemfoods-turkey)

  • You can add as many photos as you want.

Awards of the competition:

We will try to vote support with quality content prepared for the contest with -steemitfoods , -steemcurator01, -steemcurator02, and booming accounts. As an extra, I will choose from this week's '' Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day '' posts prepared for this contest. That's why I recommend you to produce content for this contest. In addition, I will distribute 5 Liquid STEEM Prizes to each of the 3 winners of this competition. In total, 15 liquid STEEM prizes will be distributed.

  • 1st Winner Prize: 5 STEEM

  • 2nd Winner Prize: 5 STEEM

  • 3rd Winner Prize: 5 STEEM

Completion Date of the Competition:

The duration of the competition is 1 week. 17/06/2021 The date, time clock with Turkey 23: 59 will end the contest.

Twitter Sharing:


If you share your post you prepared for the contest with #steemfoods-supermarket , #steemfoodscontest and #steem tags on twitter, we can give higher voting support.

Be sure to include a screenshot of your twitter post under your post.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 last year 

Feliz miércoles para todos en bendiciones, activados con el nuevo concurso.

 last year 

Nice contest there but there are some obstacles related to some participants

 last year 

Bendecido miércoles amigo ,pronto aquí mi participacion saludos

 last year 

Feliz día me fuera gustado participar en este concurso increíble, lastimosamente no cuento con la cantidad requerida de SP para participar será para otra ocasión.

Hi @steemitfoods
This is quite a good contest ,am new in the Steemit platform and I just came across steemitfoods last night so I subscribed.
I don’t have upto 150SP yet
I love cooking , would’ve really loved to participate in this contest
But I guess I won’t won’t be participating


Good contest, but I don't have up to 150SP.

 last year 

Me encantaría participar.

Ayooo @isnorman @munaa @sazaliza kalau menang bisa nambah SP

Tapi sebelum ikut, harus deleget bacut ke akun, kebetulan blm sep utk delegasi, meunan bg @zainalbakri, hehe

 last year 

Me hubiese encantado participar, suerte para quienes si cumplen con la delegación.

 last year 

Good project ,if I have enough Sp i will join the contest..Goodluck to all participants!!!

 last year 

That is encouraging @reginecruz

 last year 

Sad to know I can't participate this contest.

 last year 

Don't worry @maris75,but what is the challenge

 last year (edited)

Yes. Thank you.

Hola a todos por acá dejo mi entrada a este grandioso consurso. Mis mejores deseos para todos.

Mi participación

Compartido en Twitter.


 last year 

Saludos amigos, aqui les dejo mi participación

  • Compartí en twitter


 last year 

Maravilloso es el tipo de concursos que me encantan pronto mi participación saludos..


 last year 

Muy bueno el concurso me gustaría participar

Hola amigos @steemitfoods estare preparando mi entrada de mi super favorito

Excelente concurso, ya estoy lista para participar.

 last year 

Hola amigo @aliko07, tengo una duda, me encantaría participar en este concurso pero solo tengo delegado 100sp a la comunidad, podría delegar los 50 sp faltantes o tendría que hacer una delegación por la cantidad completa?

 last year 

Yo creo que sí, aunque al hacerlo, debes escribir 150 de una vez puesto que estás actualizando tu delegación. Si colocas 50, el sistema entenderá que ahora delegas 50 a la comunidad en lugar de los 100 que tenías establecido. Así que tenlo en cuenta. Envío saludos. #venezuela #affable

 last year 

Kontes steemfoods tentu baik baik untuk segala keperluan, namun saya sarankan kepada admin kontes bukan hanya di supermarket, tapi boleh juga di pasar rakyat untuk memberi kesempatan lebih banya orang gabung dalam kontes ini, artinya boleh dibuat 2 pilihan, supermarket dan pasar rakyat. Bagaimana? Dari @armandmeuruno

Mungkin saya harus tunggu waktu untuk meraih kesempatan itu, karena SP saya belum mencapai target.

 last year 

Hola comunidad de #steemfoods. Saludos a todos. muy bonito el concurso y me gustaría participar pero hace una semana delegue 450 SP y ya no tengo lo que piden pero si es posible con esta delegación házmelo saber..saludos y besos a todos.

Bendecida mañana ✨🙏✨ con este concurso y gracias a Dios ya con internet 🙌 y ahora al leer las reglas me encuentro con un obstáculo ya que no tengo 150 SP para delegar suerte para los que puedan hacer el aporte .

 last year (edited)

Hi @steemitfoods @alikoc07, How are you? I hope you are well and fine. Here is my entry for your latest contest SteemFoods Contest -22-| Promote Your Favorite SuperMarket | Wishing you a pleasant day and take care, cheers, ainie


 last year 

Hey, saludos, aquí mi entrada al concurso 💕


Y mi enlace a Twitter


 last year 

Hola, llegando un poco tarde pero ya me voy activar para participar, tengo que chequear si tengo algo mas para delegar. Esta muy interesante el concurso, felicidades, ojala llegue mucha gente.

Saludos amigo @alikoc07 por acá dejo mi Participación al Concurso. Además anexo Link de mi publicación en Twitter y la captura de la delegación a la cuenta @steemitfoods


 last year 
 last year 

Hello friend @alikoc07, I have a question, yesterday I participated in the contest and it was not approved or observed by the main account @steemitfoods, the previous or subsequent publications received approval, I want to know if my publication has any problem or does not comply with some rule. Greetings and good wishes to you.

If this is the case, let me know to make the corrections and again thank you very much.

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