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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will make a detailed announcement of the competition that I will organize specifically for Pakistan in the SteemFoods Community. Only our users from Pakistan can participate in this contest. We don't have many active users from Pakistan in the SteemFoods Community, so we decided to organize this contest together with our SteemFoods Community Pakistan Moderator @suboohi. For this contest, @cryptokraze supported us by sending +40 STEEM to steemitfoods account and became the sponsor of the contest. Thanks to @cryptokraze for sponsoring and @suboohi for helping me with this contest. Participating in this competition is very easy. I have determined the subject of the competition as ''Promote Your Most Delicious Traditional Food''. You can participate in this competition by sharing a traditional and delicious Pakistani recipe in detail in the SteemFoods Community. I will share the details of the competition with you below. With this contest, we aim to increase the number of active users from Pakistan in the SteemFoods Community, and I expect all our users in Steem Pakistan to participate in this contest...

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What is the Subject of the Special Contest for the Pakistan?

Like every country, Steem Pakistan has traditional and delicious food. We want to see local and delicious food from Pakistan in SteemFoods Community. Therefore, the topic of this weekly contest is "Promote Your Most Delicious Traditional Food|". You can enter the competition by sharing the promotion of a delicious traditional dish at your place of residence in the SteemFoods Community. I researched traditional and famous dishes of Pakistan. Nihari, Kabuli Pulao, Karahi, Halem, Halwa Puri are just a few of Pakistan's famous and traditional dishes... Every user from the Steemit Pakistan Community can participate in this contest by sharing their traditional and delicious recipe in detail in the SteemFoods Community. It can be a meal, dessert or cocktail, we have no limit on the recipe.

About Delicious Traditional Food Promotion

  • Describe step by step how the delicious traditional meal you have prepared for your post is made.

  • Include photos of the process of making your delicious traditional meal in your post.

  • Include a selfie photo with the traditional food you have prepared in your post.

  • You can participate in the contest by sharing a traditional dessert, drink or recipe. We do not have a limit for this.

NOTE : Female users from Pakistan who do not want to share a recipe and selfie photo must join the Verification System in the SteemFoods Community. If you have joined the system and do not want to share your selfie photo, we will understand it.

Biggest Tip for This Competition:

Be sure to add a selfie photo to your traditional recipe. You can add how the food you prepared is made, photographs of the preparation stages and a little historical information about this meal. It would be great if you could add a SteemFoods inscription to a meal you prepared and it increases your chances of being one of the winners of this competition. It would be great if you creatively write SteemFoods next to the dinner plate you prepared, or you can creatively write Special Contest for Steem Pakistan and steemfoods-pakistanfood on a piece of paper next to the dinner plate.

What are the Contest Rules?

  • You must set a 20% benefactor reward for the -steemitfoods account in the payment setting of the posts you share for this competition. You can learn how to set the benefactor to your posts and why the benefactor setting is the most important rule of this competition by clicking the link below.

How To Set the Benefactor Reward for steemitfoods account?


  • Share your post in the SteemFoods Community.

  • Only users from Pakistan can participate in the competition.

  • Use the #steemfoods-pakistanfood tag. (Entries of the participants who do not use the tag will not be accepted.)

  • Share quality and original content. (The photos you use in your post must be your own.

  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; steemfoods-pakistan)

  • You can add as many photos as you want.

Awards of the competition:

We will try to vote support with quality content prepared for the contest with -steemitfoods & booming accounts. As an extra, I will choose from this week's '' Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day '' posts prepared for this contest. That's why I recommend you to produce content for this contest. In addition, I will distribute 10 Liquid STEEM Prizes to each of the 4 winners of this competition. In total, 40 liquid STEEM prizes will be distributed.

  • 1st Winner Prize: 10 STEEM

  • 2nd Winner Prize: 10 STEEM

  • 3rd Winner Prize: 10 STEEM

  • 4rd Winner Prize: 10 STEEM

Completion Date of the Competition:

The duration of the competition is 1 week. 17/10/2021 The date, time clock with Turkey 23: 59 will end the contest.

cc : @haidermehdi - @vvarishayy - @steemit-pak

( I would be very happy if country representatives and country curation account would support us in helping this contest reach users from Pakistan and reach more people. ( It will help us to inform about this contest on the Discord channel + Resteem )

Twitter Sharing:


If you share your post you prepared for the contest with #steemfoods-pakistanfood , #steemfoodscontest and #steem tags on twitter, we can give higher voting support.

Be sure to include a screenshot of your twitter post under your post.

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP


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 last year 

Good luck to all my fellow Pakistani SteemFoodies 🥰⭐💯

 last year 

Thank you so much for your kind words

 last year 

Thanks a lot ☺️☺️

 last year 

Waoo it's fantastic 👏👏
I will surely participate on contest

 last year 

Amazing contest definitely going to participate Inshallah 👍😊

It's good to create contests like these and i personally love these too :)

But there is a slight issue while going through the rules is that many Pakistani girls can't share their face publicly. They don't upload their photos on social media and thus they aren't able to participate in any activity organized by @steemitfoods :)

Even Kannon has given us this exception on the achievement 1 posts and if you are ready to exchange words over this with me, i ensure you much more entries :)

 last year 

Hi : @haidermehdi

Female users from Pakistan who do not want to share a recipe and selfie photo must join the Verification System in the SteemFoods Community. If you have joined the system and do not want to share your selfie photo, we will understand it.

  • They can easily join our verification system by sending their selfie photos as a private message to our female moderator @suboohi from Pakistan. Female users who participate in the verification system and are approved can participate in this contest without sharing their selfie photos.

  • Can you share the link of your Pakistan Discord Channel with me?

Thank You...

  • Ohh okay great I didn't know about this. Will be following these words.

  • here's the link

 last year 

Hi @haidermehdi, Those girls who don't want to share their pics publicly are allowed to post without their pics but before posting they have to be verified at steem food and these girls may send their pictures privately to me I will verify them at steem foods.

I want to participate in this contest .but plz share your discord channel,with me. I want to send my seperate picture to you so you can verify me in this community.

 last year 

First apply in varifiction post and send your picture privately

Wow I will participate my favorite hobby cooking with Passion

 last year 

Surely, I'll share it with others. Best of luck for the contest. Many entries are coming soon ✨

 last year 

Thank you for organizing this wonderful contest, definitely i will participate in it, it would be great happiness for me to share trafitional food.@steemitfoods once again thank you for providing me this opportunity

Wao great contest, I am very excited and I will surely participate on this contest. Thanks for organizing this contest.

Halo selamat siang sahabat @steemfoods.
Maaf sebelumnya saya sering mengikuti kegiatan di @steemfoods tapi belum di verivikasi akun saya di @steemfoods, saya sering menaikan postingan tetapi belum di verifikasi sampai sekarang
Cc: @alikoc07

Salam hormat @izzatulmaula

postingan pertama Perkenalan Diri saya di komunitas steemfoods (verivikasi saya)

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wow great contest and i will participate inshallah...

 last year 

You organized a great contest for pakistan's users

Wonderful contest , I will definitely participate in this contest 👍

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