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Hello Everyone:

Today I will share with you a post that will give you important tips on how to get vote support in the SteemFoods Community. I know that many of our users have a lot of questions about how to gain votes, so I will explain this in detail with a single post to keep you informed. Before I give you tips, I would like to say that the steemit curation team does not guarantee voting support for any post on steemit. The SteemFoods Community has been selected for the Support Program for September and we will see the steemcurator01 support package in the SteemFoods Community for this month, but I would like to remind you that we do not have a chance to vote for all posts and there is no guaranteed vote support for any post. This applies to all other selected Communities, not just the SteemFoods Community. No guaranteed vote support for any post. Below, I shared the post that I gave you detailed information about Vote Support. I strongly recommend that each of our users review the following post before reading the tips.

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5 Great Tips to Gain Vote Support in the SteemFoods Community

  • Try to participate in the weekly contests that I organize every week, I try to support our users who participate in the contest with their steemitfoods account, besides, I try to add the quality content prepared for the contest to the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" by steemcurator01 to get the contest content vote support. ( vote support of steemcurator01 is not guaranteed )

Example: I voted for many posts with our steemitfoods account for the contest I organized with the hashtag #steemfoods-oreo this week. Besides, since we were in the booming support program last month, many contest posts received votes from one of the booming accounts. In addition, we tried to give vote support by steemcurator01 for some content. The contest has ended, but I will be waiting for many of our users to participate in the next contest. :)

SteemFoods Contest -30-| Prepare a Delicious Recipe with OREO Brand Biscuits! | 15 Liquid Steem Award


  • With the beginning of September, I shared the Food Diary Game Event, which is the SteemFoods Version of Diary Game, in the SteemFoods Community. By participating in this event every day, you can increase your chances of receiving votes and become one of the Winners of the Food Diary Game Season. I will be handing out a Total of 100 Liquid Steem Rewards for Season 1. You can get detailed information about the Food Diary Game Event by clicking on the two announcement links below.


Diary Game Adapted to the SteemFoods Community | Food Diary Game - SteemFoods Version of Diary Game

Food Diary Game Season :1 Begins | Rules | Rewards : 100 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc

  • Try to produce content actively in the SteemFoods Community, I will try to include the posts of our users who are active in the SteemFoods Community among the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day". Give your vote support and try to comment on the content you like in the SteemFoods Community, even if your vote value is low. Even if your votes are low, it is valuable for the content producer to know that their content has been read.
  • Set a 50% benefactor reward for the SF-Charity account on your posts, use the #sfcharity50pc hashtag in your title and in the first five hashtags of your post. If you use sfcharity50pc in your title and tag (first 5 tags) in your posts for which a 50% benefator reward is set for SF-Charity and you set a 50% benafactor reward for the @sf-charity account, you can increase your chances of getting vote support for your post by steemcurator01. This will both increase your chances of attracting steemcurator01's attention and vote support for your post, and you can help our growth by using all of the income from the sf-charity account for the SteemFoods Community. I recommend this to all of our users, you can see that many users have a good rating from steemcurator01 for setting a 50% benefactor reward on their sf-charity account and producing quality content. (Our tag is #sfcharity50pc)


Set up Benefactor Reward for SF-Charity Account on Your Posts | #sfcharity50pc | To Reach More Families

  • Produce content from your own photos. Do not use copyrighted photos. Stay away from plagiarism. Join our Verification System and get verified account badge for your account. Try to understand our mission. As the founder of This Community, I am looking for ways to support you in the best way and I spend at least 8 hours a day in my computer room. I want you to know that sometimes I spend more than 8 hours in my computer room. Therefore, I request all our users to be patient and understanding with the support of votes. Each of our users is very valuable to me. I hope this post helps you.

SteemFoods User Verification System Continues ! | 14-Day Report ( Weeks 23-24 ) 1427+ Verified Accounts |



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