Food Donation Successfully Completed for Three Families from the Philippines ✅ - All Reports 📝 |

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will share with you the reports of three families from the Philippines that we donate food to you in the SteemFoods Community. As of today, we have successfully completed the food donation I started for the Philippines in the SteemFoods Community. Together with our SteemFoods Community Philippines moderator @bien, we selected three of our users who needed food assistance, and I communicated with these users via telegram and provided detailed information about our food donation. Then I sent 2 SBDs to the wallets of our selected users -steemitfoods account. Our users completed their shopping in a short time with the 2 SBDs I sent, and shared the photos and invoice information of the products they purchased in detail. It is very pleasing for us that our users are happy after shopping and meeting their needs. I would like to thank all our users for their interest and I wish them to consume the products they buy in happy days with their families. Our charity events will continue in the SteemFoods Community and on the steem blockchain. Three of our users from the Philippines for food donation: @natz04 , @jenny018 and @richel. You can examine the food donation report I prepared for each of our users in detail below.

Food Donation Successfully Completed for Three Families from the Philippines.png

NOTE: In order for us to communicate with you, you must join the discord of the SteemFoods Community and the telegram group of the region you live in. Here we are trying to contact you. When we choose you from Food Donation and future charity events, I first comment under your last post on steemit, this may delay our reaching you. By clicking on the links below, you can have information about the discord group of the SteemFoods Community and the links of the telegram groups we have set up for regions.

Reports of Our Three Users with Food Donation




Our Next Charity Event

Our Food Donations will continue from where they left off. This week, I shared with you yesterday that I started the medicine donation for three of our users who have personal or family health problems on the SteemFoods Community and on the steem blockchain. You can learn more about this medicine donation by clicking the link below. When you say medicine donation; We will try to support not only medicine, but also products that our users should buy for health. For example, we will provide support in purchasing a glucose meter for a person with diabetes, and we will try to help with the purchase of similar health products.

[ SteemFoods Medicine Donation Begins 💊 | Support Program for Families with Health Problems |](



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 2 years ago 

Great efforts!!! Again all thanks to the people behind the charity act, special mention to our very own Sir @alikoc07 for doing great initiative. Thanks to Sir @bien also for a job well done.

Indeed! I was also very happy seeing my fellow country men with their sweet and beautiful smile on their faces😍

Thank you so much steemfoods community specially to sir @alikoc07 we truly appreciate your help and effort of giving those donations stay safe always and God Bless.

 2 years ago 

Thank you much steemfoods community specially to sir @alikoc07 for choosing me.
Thank you also to @bien for chossing me.

Thank you for your generosity to our fellow/countrymen!

 2 years ago 

This is so inspiring! Keep safe and God bless <3

 2 years ago 

Big thanks to all of you sir @alikoc07,@sf-charity,@steemfoods,@steemitfoods.🙏🙏

Amazing project. Congratulations friends. You are very creative

 2 years ago 

nice one

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