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Hello Everyone:

For more than 1 year, I stopped my active work on steemit as a community manager, there are many reasons for this process, with a new decision I made today, I'm probably planning to return both with my personal account @alikoc07 and with the SteemFoods Community.

With my work with the SteemFoods Community, we were one of the best communities on steemit for a long time, I want to come back but I wonder if steemit users would like it again.

If we are asked to come back by both steemit admins and users, I will start working again with my plans.

Many users are wondering why I left steemit for a little over a year, or they may have questions, criticisms about why this is the case. Rest assured that I will answer all your questions and criticisms.

I still follow the latest updates and developments on Steemit.

I hope we can do good things together again.

Thanks everyone, I'm ending my post here. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section.




Many users are wondering why I left steemit for a little over a year, or they may have questions, criticisms about why this is the case.

I have a couple of simple questions...

  1. Will you replenish the @steemitfoods account with the 135,000+ STEEM that you withdrew?
  2. What did you spend the 50,000+ STEEM that was in the charity account on?

Please answer question 1 with a simple "Yes" or "No”.

135k! He will be back...

Interesting publication...

You can come back if you wish, any person or community can do so.
I particularly stopped posting here before you took all the money from the accounts and left the community, all the users, delegators, everyone without an explanation of anything.
Particularly I don't care if you come back or not. But from my side you will have no support whatsoever.

Yes, we could say that you were the strongest community with your own steempower that was on the platform, same that you got with the support of steemitblog and users, same that you took for personal benefit, even generating a decrease in support to other communities for your bad acting, and you didn't even consider the moderators that kept the community active, you acted in the worst way, as simple as that.

You made it quite clear what you are capable of as the sole administrator of the community. What is the plan? To refill the accounts to take the money? Or what?

 5 months ago 

I don't need your support, this is the first one. Why did you support SP while I was here, so I need you right now?

First, look at the work I've done here.

Anyone can support whatever community they want by the way, no problem, usually Latin American users choose to delegate to their own country account. But the number of messages I receive for vote support is unlimited.

Secondly, do you know how many hours a day I worked during the time I worked here?
I was organizing a contest for users in the community and the prizes I handed out are all there. Of course, there are reasons why I left without explanation.

Users participate in the competition with the recipes they prepare, and this has a cost. If the user cannot make out the cost of the recipe he/she prepared and cannot generate income, he/she is automatically reproached.

If you want to see quality content, it is costly for food and cooking.

If you can work for two years without earning any income, great! Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work.

I will also answer your other questions.

I know you wouldn't continue to write here if you didn't get anything from here.

Thanks for the criticism though! :)

If you can work for two years without earning any income, great! Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work.

I know quite well what it means to work for two consecutive years for and for a community, I know it quite well, but that's not why I have left people out of it, doing community powerdown and taking it to me. But of course, it's your community, as administrator, lord and master you have the right to do that, at least that's what I understand from what you write.

Then, based on this, I see, you would work for a few more years to then "give you your deserved payment" for your work, that is, take back the benefits that the community gets. That's what you just implied, as I understand it. How nice. Good plan.

Honestly, neither you nor your community are needed on our platform, I think it was already quite clear what your intentions are in Steemit and we have also reiterated it to the people of Steemitblog, as you can see most of the comments have something in common and that is that You made it clear that you were only in Steemit out of interest, at no time was your intention to contribute, but rather to accumulate and then disappear.

You made fun of the users and your work team, to which it is worth noting, you did not give them reasons, nor did you show your face until now. I think that's not what a true leader does, or at least not what we find in our communities today.

It would be good if you expose to everyone in Steemit what you made with the funds from the community account, do you plan to replace them and give your old team what they deserve for their work? as well as the charity account you had, did you donate it to a foundation?

We wait for your reply.

 5 months ago 

Realmente no eres más que un vil estafador que nisiquiera pagó los premios de los últimos Concursos que organizaste.

Desde que tú comunidad empezó a pedir el 50% de las ganancias sabíamos que era con otros fines. Supuestamente tenías hasta una cuenta de "bondad" y ahora pregunto ¿A qué organización le "donaste" ese dinero?.

Por lo menos hubieras tenido la descendencia de darle algo del Steem líquido a tu equipo de moderadores que bastante dió la cara por tí por tanto tiempo.

Y sí, sabemos que durabas horas enteras leyendo y verificando, ese es el trabajo de cualquier comunidad. Pero recuerda también que si tú pides apoyo también deberías darlo. Pudiste al menos darle algo a cada iluso que te apoyó por tanto tiempo y nada.

Y claro, ahora que gastaste todo el dinero planeas regresar con la cara bien lavada y como si nada pasó. Una cosa son los Steem de tu cuenta personal y otros muy distintos los de la comunidad

Te quejas por apoyo que siempre recibiste. Pero en realidad no fuiste la mejor comunidad, tus Concursos recibían cientos de dólares en apoyo mientras tú solo ofrecías 5 steem en premios.

Pobre el iluso que acepte trabajar contigo


Even country representatives powered down in the past, however, none of them are currently considered thieves because there were justified causes, a process of transparency, and above all respect for the collective effort that existed in the communities where these people participated. Of course, your work was hard and you deserved a remuneration for it, but with you there were also people working and giving everything to meet your expectations and those of the Steemit team.

Disappearing for months letting their moderators continue cultivating their accounts, betraying the trust of +100 users who delegated their SP to steemitfoods, and arbitrarily withdrawing the tokens generated through a collective effort are just some of the crimes that demonstrate their immaturity and unprofessionalism.

Account farming, exploitation of workers, SCAM, fraud and controversial behaviors which threaten the healthy development of interaction on the platform are our accusations against you before the @abuse-watcher team.

You are more than welcome to start working here, but as a current Steem representative, keep in mind that we will focus our efforts on preventing more users from being scammed by this chain of criminals.

Hello @alikoc07

I will tell you that as you have been able to read in the comments, many people were disappointed when you left without explanations.

In my case, I would only like you to respond if you have any plans to compensate the team that accompanied you in moderation, and the delegators who supported the community account. Do you have a plan to delegate to the community account, and is there any explanation as to what happened to the Charity account?

It is true that we can all make mistakes, but if you can provide answers to these things, if you have a compelling plan to solve this, I think that would be the best for everyone, and even for the community.

It is always better to be able to fix things and compensate the damages when there are any.

Hello, In particular, I don't think he has any other intention than to fill the coffers of the account to leave again.
He has made it clear in the answer he gave me.

"If you can work for two years without earning any income, great! Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work."

He worked hard for two years, and his work "deserved" to be compensated. I don't think that thought in him has changed, he would surely work for a while to leave with the money again, and that's it. Just like he did.

In a situation like this, I think it's a good idea to ask what the plan is to compensate for what was done... It's a good opportunity to recover something, let's say: credibility in the communities.

It is up to that person to decide what he will do, but obviously users cannot be underestimated as it have happened in this case.

Hello, I read all the comments above about the plight of this community. It's a shame for housewives who can no longer channel their hobbies in steemit. Let's open a new community for users who like to cook and make sweet sugar so they can smile again.

 5 months ago 

Cuando ingresé a Steemit, esta comunidad iniciaba y como amante de la cocina me sentía muy bien aqui y hasta quise formar parte de tu equipo y agradezco a Dios que no me hayas tomado en cuenta porque eso de trabajar para que tu sacaras todo sin valorar a los que estuvieron a tu lado me pareció muy bajo, me imagino que le volverás a inyectar a la cuenta la misma cantidad de sp que te llevaste para apoyar a tus usuarios, y creo que los que siempre estuvimos, despues de tu partida estamos con cierto recelo y dudas pensando en que otras comunidades puedan hacer lo mismo, de volver todos pueden hacerlo pero la confianza que te teníamos no creo que vuelva, yo de ilusa hasta me preocupé, pensé que estabas enfermo y te escribí a tu discord para saber como estabas, pero solo Dios puede juzgar las acciones.

 5 months ago 

It's upto you. Steemit is open to everyone and every community but what's the plan about the steempower to support users?

 5 months ago 

I did not expect you to return to Steemit after playing with everyone and leaving, you betrayed your users, the people who bet on your community project, you left behind a work team that defended you even in your absence.
Your community is not needed in Steemit, there are many communities doing things right, you left a stain of fraud that no one has forgotten.

We are all in Steemit with open eyes...

Are you willing to give up the ownership of the community?

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