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Hello @alikoc07

I will tell you that as you have been able to read in the comments, many people were disappointed when you left without explanations.

In my case, I would only like you to respond if you have any plans to compensate the team that accompanied you in moderation, and the delegators who supported the community account. Do you have a plan to delegate to the community account, and is there any explanation as to what happened to the Charity account?

It is true that we can all make mistakes, but if you can provide answers to these things, if you have a compelling plan to solve this, I think that would be the best for everyone, and even for the community.

It is always better to be able to fix things and compensate the damages when there are any.


Hello, In particular, I don't think he has any other intention than to fill the coffers of the account to leave again.
He has made it clear in the answer he gave me.

"If you can work for two years without earning any income, great! Everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work."

He worked hard for two years, and his work "deserved" to be compensated. I don't think that thought in him has changed, he would surely work for a while to leave with the money again, and that's it. Just like he did.

In a situation like this, I think it's a good idea to ask what the plan is to compensate for what was done... It's a good opportunity to recover something, let's say: credibility in the communities.

It is up to that person to decide what he will do, but obviously users cannot be underestimated as it have happened in this case.

Hello, I read all the comments above about the plight of this community. It's a shame for housewives who can no longer channel their hobbies in steemit. Let's open a new community for users who like to cook and make sweet sugar so they can smile again.

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