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An outbreak of bird flu devastated half off the human population in the Far East. Meanwhile, in the West, a scientist has recently created a retrovirus that penetrates the immune system in the form of a vaccine to fight the h5n1 virus.

It worked too well, but now a mutation has occurred and cases are getting out of control around the world. Many animals are starting to get sick, as are humans, multiplying the chance that life as we know it will disappear from the face of the earth.

Viruses are like parasites without cells that enter the cells of other organisms to reproduce. As microorganisms, they fight hard to achieve their goal: to live. It is life seeking life in other lives from a genetic basis.

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If one virus causes death, two can reverse it. That's why experiments are done with another combination of viruses, one that is as strong or stronger than h5n1.

China is said to be testing this option with a corona virus on bats, mammals of the Chiroptera order. Perhaps a flying mammal will serve to confuse the resistant viral strain. A chance to save oneself by waging a viral war, but also to begin the beginning of the end of everything, because viruses are viruses and do not recognize enemies or friends, they are simply free and harmful like the hurricane wind.

And, meanwhile, the virus seems to be saying humans are in quarantine, confined to their homes to safeguard themselves from he, who does not distinguish between borders, neither enemies nor friends.

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viruses are viruses and do not recognize enemies or friends, they are simply free and harmful like the hurricane wind.

Great description of viruses. It is hard to believe that we are dealing with this virus right now.

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