Still no water

in GEMSlast month

I gave the tap a short try but there was nothing.

Last night the youngest looked for places to stay. Perhaps somewhere in town. We could stay for one or two nights and celebrate the holiday, take a shower and have a look at the riverside and be the tourist for a change.

The pool only has showers outside and it's too cold to use these.
A holiday in my own town wouldn't be that bad especially not if there's a washing machine. I can do the laundry too. In microwaves and television, I am not that interested. It's water and a different area that might do us good. I intend to have a look but for now, the idea is good for the mood too.

It's the idea of no water that annoys.
Strange because our water pump is only switched on once a day for about one hour. I guess it's the same with the lockdown. If you are forced to be home it feels different from staying home and only go shopping once a month.

It sounds like my well is empty.
Someone told me if that's the case the job is done wrong which I believe immediately. At first, I got the message no water could be found. Later the water found was mud and I refused to accept that. Next someone else (?) drilled and there was water. As I asked who found it/decided for that spot the guy who arranged it said he did. It has never been invested in how the water level is. They just did something.

Bitvavo sucks again.

The Steem transferred over two days ago still didn't arrive in my wallet.
I start thinking they do it on purpose.
No, respond to my e-mails. I sent four by now.


My daughter found some kind of job with the help of an online jobcentre. If it pays we'll see after a month.
The former employer still didn't pay the salary of two years ago.

We ate the first cherries.
We gathered around the tree, picked and ate them. Hopefully enough vitamin C.
It hurts to see the other trees so sad. It reminded me of last summer. We had Autumn during Summer.

Food on the table

Potatoes (children only), beans and a bit spicy minced meat
Cashew nuts
Toast bread (children only)

I spoke to..
Children (live)
My daughter (WhatsApp)

I found a frog in the grass while mowing.

It turned out to be dead. Somehow I felt sad about it. Dehydrated?


Published today (Sunday, May 31, 2020)

  • 052920 - Friday = Vitamin C bombs day
    It's disappointing how fast the food bought is eaten. We don't stuff ourselves but still. I try to watch the vitamine C intake more since vitamin tablets are no option. The ones left are Vitamine D3 and Beer yeast (good for the skin).

  • 053020 - No water
    If we like it or not we are out of water. I have no idea if the problem can be solved.

Published yesterday (May 30, 2020)

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Que mal estar buscando siempre lo mismo. Buscar agua y buscar de nuevo agua y nada. La historia va y viene.
Lo bueno es que tu cerezal fructifica, te felicito por tu cosecha. Gracias por tu felicitación. Feliz mini vacaciones para ti y los niños.

the fun never stops ... looks like you're having a trial on top of the rest there ... first time i heard about bitvavo , all the reviews are great but you know all reviews on the first page of google are greyhat-seo or bought ofcourse ...

everyone has an easy time blaming everything on the pandemic right now and people are left hanging, ive been in limbo for a facebook account for a page for the game for over a month now (ofcourse not as bad as money-stuff)

im not sure if you want to stash it there to trade or just to keep

if its to keep you might as well make a different steem account and spread the steem, i personnally feel its very un-wise to keep too much behind one password as , even if its unlikely , there is no wall or 2factor and in essence the password can be "guessed" by a random generator, so someone with a whole million under one password runs a lot of risk , stashing it in an account here costs nothing + you get apr + if its over 60 (i think, they said 100 but i see appearing from 60sp) you can still vote with it and get a little curatoin rewards)

if its to trade ? i dont want to advise ofcourse and i suppose poloniex is evil but imo they are also regulated and safe - if it's to sell you can send it to blocktrades , switch it for doge or litecoin and then sell that on for euros

those are proven to me

its ofcourse not financial advice ...

as for the rest, best of luck , years and years ago i spent some time living with what went for friends back then for a bit (and yet another life) where they like , well the electricity was cut off but here they have to give you minimum, (like enough to put a coffeemaker on) and there was water b/c i dont think they're allowed to cut it off but winter and freezing, no heat ... doesnt come close to living with your kids ofcourse, although i did spend a few days actually truly on the street with no idea where to go as well, but that didnt last long ... had to make a choice

well ... irrellevant, just keep going then

no one can be trusted anyway in the long run ... that's also a proven to me , heh

must be nice to have a shiney life where everything is as seen on tv lol but i havent seen that part happening yet :)

don't give in

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