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What is a non-fungible token?

They are unique digital assets, whose original design is not to operate as money or payment mechanism.
It is like a collectible album deck, the face value of which is set not according to the actual purchase value of it but rather to how "difficult it is to find"; When I was a child, I used to collect baseball cards and some cards were repeated so much that no one wanted to receive them in exchange, so when I got one of the difficult ones I could exchange it for several cards or sell it much more expensive than it cost me.

An example of these tokens are the popular crypto cats, created under the etherium platform in 2017, for exchange between its users.

Cryptokitties. Imagen de Facebook

Currently there are tokens of this type associated with almost any area of ​​interest.
Their basic characteristics that make them unique are:
-The person or body they represent.
-The originality and exclusivity of the product.
-The blockchian technology that guarantees the transparency of the operations.

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