Wednesday Walk - Ahrabal Waterfall

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Most of the people in the world are confined to their homes amid the outbreak of coronavirus. Lockdown has been in place in India for more than a week now and I am not going out either. I remain in my apartment for the whole day and I haven't been able to take a walk for the past week or so. So, today's walk is almost two years old when I was at my aunt's home. There is a place called Ahrabal just half a mile away from my aunt's home so I decided to take a walk and visit the place.

It's not the first time I had visited Ahrabal as this place is not far away from my old home. Anyway, I was just bored and I thought of taking a walk. This lane starts from the main park of Ahrabal and takes all the way down to the famous waterfall. I like the color of this lane, it looks really good under sunshine. Under the lane, there is a small freshwater stream flowing downwards. It feels really good to walk over it. If you ever happen to visit Ahrabal, please take off your heels in case you are wearing them.

IMG_20171014_171948 1.jpg
This is how the sky looked like that day. It was summer back then and the sky looked very beautiful. You don't get to see sunshine more often in Ahrabal as it keeps raining all the time there. I was lucky that there was no rain on that particular day.

IMG_20171016_221234 1.jpg
This is how the river looked like when I took a look backward in the direction where the river was flowing. I wish I had a better camera, it was more beautiful than how it looks like in the picture.

IMG_20171016_221425 1.jpg
This is the famous waterfall of Ahrabal which attracts thousands of visitors per year. It was that time of the year when only a few people visit the place so, it was very quiet and that's what I like to see when I visit such places. This height of this waterfall used to be more but with time, it kept shrinking. There is a myth that the waterfall takes seven lives per year but obviously, I don't believe in such things but many lives are lost per year. Many people do drown there despite repeated measures by the authorities.

IMG_20171014_171615 1.jpg
I just sat down near the fall at some distance and spent an hour there. It was so peaceful there and I just felt like I am the only person living in this world. No one came to visit the fall when I was there so I enjoyed the moment fully. I really had a very good time and then I decided to go back to my aunt's home. I just took one picture while I was coming back from the waterfall.
Hope you liked the pictures.

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Regards dear @syedumair.

Those photographs fascinated me. The place is beautiful.

Just one detail: I did not know where this beautiful place was. So with the help of my friend Google I was able to know what is located:

"... in the southwestern part of the Kashmir Valley in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, south of the state capital Srinagar."

Thanks for sharing.

Your friend, Juan.

Thank you for reading the post.
I will make sure to include the details if I post posts like these in future.

Thanks for attentive reply.
Those details are important. I know that I will not be able to travel to those far away places for me, but it is always good to know the location, the country, etc. Thank you for sharing.

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