Keeping Safe In A Frightened World

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Most of the planet is in lockdown with the fear of the Corona Virus spreading like wildfire. Schools and other events are closed or cancelled. Some folks I have talked with are making light of all the precautions and think everyone is overreacting while others are extremely fearful.

As of today there has been one case of the virus on Prince Edward Island. The infected woman Is in her fifties and just returned from a cruise. We have a total population on P.E.I. of one hundred and fifty thousand people. The neighbouring province of New Brunswick has reported a woman who returned from France tested positive for COVID-19.

Our Prime Minister’s wife has contacted the COVID-19 and he is in isolation with her. That’s got to be a first. Travel has been banned from certain countries and travel is only going to tighten up as more deaths are reported.

People have been told to self isolate for 14 days if for any reason you may have been in contact with anyone with the virus or suspect you have it. Ban visitors for your quarantined period. Don’t let anyone in your home and this goes for people delivering packages or service providers. If the pizza delivery guy knocks tell him to leave the pizza by the door as you can’t be in contact with anyone because you may have the virus.

I was in the grocery store today and the lines to checkout were long as people were stocking up just in case they would be confined to their homes for the recommended two weeks. It’s normal to be afraid there will be a shortage of available food at the grocers. Toilet paper was flying off the shelves as well as cleaning supplies. There’s been a lot of jokes going around about why people are paranoid about not having enough arse wipe.

Wash your hands has been a ongoing request by medical personnel. Supplies are running short for hand sanitizers, alcohol and cleaning supplies. Vodka could be used to clean your hands if in a pinch. I’m a believer that vinegar will kill a lot of germs.

I was talking to a health care worker and she was saying there is a shortage of masks and gowns where she works.

Are the masks an effective safe care against the virus? Experts are of different opinions on whether they would prevent the spread of the airborne disease.

The above photo shows the correct way to wear the mask.

Was the Corona Virus (COVID-19) predicted?


The seer Nostradamus has predicted a lot of tragedies and some people believe the prophet predicted the coronavirus. In one of his verses he predicts a “great plague of the maritime city and it will not cease until there be avenged the death of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime.” Wuhan is not a maritime city but the virus was traced to a seafood market and that is believed to be the maritime link.

Whether the great seer correctly prophesied the current state of the world over this virus doesn’t really help anything in curing it.

I will not be taking any flights or cruises while this COVID-19 is circulating around our planet.

Instead I’m thinking of spring and beautiful flowers- Orange Lilies that bloom in my garden.


Take special care and stay safe folks.

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Howdy redheadpei! Yeah it's already pretty crazy out there and is just the beginning since the virus is just getting started in North America. I think it will take a few months to get through this thing. Are you guys gonna try and stay home most of the time?

Mornin’ Cowboy! It seems unbelievable that it is spreading like the plague. Europe has really felt the effect and now it’s here.

I’m not going too far until the virus has run it’s course. A lot of social activities will be shut down if they find more cases here on the Island.

Very wise to stay put. I was listening to a virologist specialist today and he said it was going to take 3 to 6 months before this thing ran it's course!

Mornin’ Cowboy! No more handshakes just the old fist pump or head nod when greeting someone.

3 to 6 mos ,that’s a long time . Already they are closing schools and other events down here on the Island.

Well it's good to try and get ahead of it. In Dallas today they are closing all bars and restaurants so that's a big hit to the economy.

It is a scary situation for our health and an effect on the stock market and the economy. Many folks are working from home if they can.

Exactly. That's the best scenario, to be able to keep working but just doing it from home. Unfortunately most are just laid off.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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