Crunching The Numbers

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Waking up and looking at the numbers on the bedside clock tells me it’s time to rise and shine.

Knowing the hour of the day is within an eyeball length away anywhere in the house. I have timepieces throughout, on the stove, microwave, radio and in just about every room. Heck, there’s even a clock on the coffee pot.

”What is the date today?

With a cup of coffee in hand, I look at the numbers on the calendar hanging on the wall to check the date and see what activities I have marked for today.

I really am at the mercy of numbers. If the power goes out briefly, I run around setting the correct time on all these digital clocks when the power comes back on.


My cell phone or the car clock lets me know the time when I am not at home.

The latest is a watch that tracks your movements and the activity step count where the number of steps you made for the day are recorded. I know they are great and many people have them but If you ask me if I have one, I will jokingly say,

” I only have so many steps in me and if I’m making any extra steps, I better be keeping beat on the dance floor.”

The ancients knew a thing or two about numbers and how the world is ruled by mathematics.


If we had no written words could we get by with just using numbers? Programmers often use the two-system number to code computers. Aliens may speak to us through the same binary code of 0 and 1 combinations.

How many times have you heard Number 1 and number 2 used to explain a bathroom function? Proud parents count the fingers and toes of their newborn to make sure there are five on each hand and foot. Each birth year is celebrated with a birthday.


Adding up the numerical date, month and year of one’s birthday and breaking it down to a single digit number gives your life-path number. If you were born March 4, 2020. It would be broke down as 3+4+4=11. Adding 1+1 you have 2 as the life-path number.

At one time I had a numerology program in an old computer that gave the characteristics of each number. I no longer have the program and will give my brief description of the meaning of each number for fun.

Meaning Of Life-Path Numbers

  • 1- One who likes independence, stands alone and has the innate ability to become a superb leader.
  • 2- As two indicates, having a loving partner Is important for a happy life.
  • 3- The creative fun-loving person at heart and you must always strive to not lose that feeling.
  • 4- Often a number four can be found in the health care profession. They are not afraid of work.
  • 5- You enjoy change and adventure. Mountain climbing would be something you might do.
  • 6- The responsible one with love of family and a comfortable home where friends often gather.
  • 7- There’s a strong intuitive side to this life-path number. You might be found taking a yoga class.
  • 8- Material success is important. Gambling and playing the stock market might be in your interests.
  • 9- With your understanding and compassion, a career where you work to help the less fortunate may be in order.

Mystery of the 11.11 number

Using numbers is an easy way for the deceased to communicate with the living. Feeling an urge to look at the clock or watch and it shows 11.11 or 11.01 is thought to be a message from a loved one who passed. Perhaps they were just stopping by to say Hello and let you know they are alright.

I mentioned in a previous post about my niece’s husband (Eric) passing suddenly from an immune disorder.. He thought he was having a gall bladder attack but when they operated he was full of infection and could not be saved.

Because I often told stories of premonitions to my niece she was naturally looking for some kind of sign from Eric after he passed.

Eric’s sister told Jane he talked with her only a few days before his passing about the latest podcast he was listening to that explained the meaning of the numbers 11:11 or 1:11. He went into detail about how its a sign from loved ones trying to tell you they are ok. He said next time you’re thinking of Papa, check the time.

His conversation was prophetic for this is the means he seems to be communicating to loved ones after he passed.

Jane woke from a dead sleep a few days after Eric’s funeral. She looked at the clock. It was 11:11. Another afternoon Eric’s sister was adding words to a memorial rock that her mom painted and she pressed the button on her phone to see if she missed any texts or calls, 1:11 popped up on the phone. She knew without a doubt that it was Eric letting them know he was ok. He’d made the transaction from his earthy body to the next level or plane.

Hidden Meaning of Numbers

Whether we realize it , numbers play an important part in our everyday life and numerology has mystical meanings through the history of man. There even a Book of Numbers in the bible. The name of the book comes from the two censuses taken of the Israelites. In the first census there were 12 tribes, Maybe 12 is an important number as there were also 12 apostles with Jesus.

Certain numbers are thought to be sacred, such as 3 and 7. Three because of the three (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) of the Godhead and 7 because of the 7 days of creation- on the 7th day she blessed the earth and rested.

Numbers are our constant nagging companions and I hope our number isn’t up anytime soon.

Most of us will be crunching the numbers now that income tax time is near- earning statements need to be calculated and those numbers send to the government who has our number.

Photos and Text are mine unless otherwise sourced


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@redheadpei I found this to be very interesting. I never knew the meaning of 11:11 but I have always had a good feeling when I have seen it on the clock, the same as 7:11 gives me this feeling.

Hi Cissy. I’m glad to help with the meaning of 11.11. 7:11 must have a special meaning for you.

@redheadpei My Mother has the same numbers that keep appearing to her, we have talked about them but neither of us knows the meaning.

Maybe it has something to do with your father or your brother. Does the number 7 have any significance concerning one of them. I’m thinking birthdate or such.

@redheadpei no, neither of them had a birthday with a 7 I do not think anyone has a 7, month or day, in my family. I find it odd that these numbers repeat themselves to me, my Mom and I think one of my sisters said the same. I do agree with you, there is a meaning I just do not know what it is.

@redheadpei I found this to be very interesting. I never knew the meaning of 11:11 but I have always had a good feeling when I have seen it on the clock, the same as 7:11 gives me this feeling.

Howdy redheadpei! This is such a fascinating post on the importance and meaning of numbers, great job! That 11:11 thing is so interesting.

Thanks Cowboy. I’m happy you found it interesting. 😊

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