In the vein of wondering things up, here's another one!

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Following with the auto questioning. I more and less can understand why after a traumatic divorce, we will have the tendency to do things a little bit differently than how we had been doing it previously.

Yeah, in the best cases we become more prudent and cautious. But is all this sagacity always advisable? I mean, is it absolutely necessary to change everything from how they had been working before to make a difference?

Especially those things that for long time had been working optimally to suddenly come now to change it and worsen it with the only intention that this does not resemble the previous one?

Ok, allow me explain myself better.

I really don't know how on earth someone from HIVE developers came with the genius idea to change the WYSIWYG interface of the post editor in the UI to get away with it and that such aberration was accepted and established as the new way to create and edit our posts?



¡Holy crap! Why not leave things as they were if they were working well and we are not able to improve them further?

Is that perhaps it is essential to make the difference of how we were before and how we had been doing things before only on a whim or for the sake of it?

Yeah! let discuss!!

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