Sometimes... I can't help but wonder.

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It happens that recently I have read a couple of posts that have left me thinking. Thinking about the twists and turns of life and whether if we have really weighed all the possible eventual consequences of our often emotional decisions and actions if we opt to take these so hastily.

Well, I plan to make this post rather short to give you some space and time to reflect on the subject on your own without you have to feel too much my influence. Yeah, a more detailed explanation of the reasons that prompted me to create this post maybe I'll do that later on through a new post.

So, for now, I will just mention what these couple of posts have been and leave the links here next so you can read them.

  1. The soul sucking world of shitposting.

  2. Redirecting all steem posts to hive.

And once you have read them, then you can click immediately on this image below to get some additional context. So first of all...

¡Click On The Image!


Yep, that was my inquiring comment on one of those posts which inspired the creation of this one.


Let me add also an amusing and pretty relevant video about the subject to round up better the idea about what potentially I'm looking for from your eventual interaction and comments.

"No Influence Whatsoever"

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