The Mother's Daughter 3 | Conclusion

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Continuing from The Mother's Daughter 2

Then the man needed to travel for some weeks and begged the lady to please take care of the children while absent. She agreed and the man left. From the first day, they made a living hell out of the lady. They frustrated her so much that she had to talk back to them that she's not their mate and they cannot talk rudely to her anyhow they want.


The girls wouldn't eat her food, they kept eating junks and leaving the house so dirty for her to clean. Then on the day their father was about to come, the girls used scissors on the lady's customers cloth which was ready for delivery. She got so mad and she was shouting at the girls while the man opened the door. Immediately he opened the door, one of the girls fell down and pretended the designer lady pushed her and was beating her.

The man got so furious and didn't know what to believe and angrily told the woman to get out of his house. The woman was so shocked with his reaction that after taking care of your children for so long, this is what she gets? She left the house in tears and she got so mad at herself for being so gullible to have agreed to assist the man with taking care of the kids.

The man too was angry because he believed his children over her. Later his friend told him to find out the truth and not just conclude because he knows the designer lady is good for him. Later he confronted his children and asked them for the truth, after much treat and persuasion, the kids opened up and told him the truth. He was so mad at them and rushed to apologize to the woman.


She gave him so much attitude and didn't give him any attention. Weeks passed and he was still apologising but she refused to listen. She wanted him to feel the pain she felt too. After few months, they bumped at each other at a public place and then he knelt down to apologize to her in the presence of so many people. Well at that point, she didn't have a choice than to accept his apology. His children too were there and they all apologized together.

She later came back home and spoke to the children, telling them she has no intention of taking the place of their mother but they should give love a chance. They understand her with the way she spoke and they hugged. Few months later, she got married to their father and they all lived happily ever after.

What and What did you learn from this story? I'll appreciate comments of this.

Thank you very much for reading
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