The Mother's Daughter 2

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Continuing from The Mother's Daughter 1

The children had a function in school and they needed to sew a particular dress so the man and the girls went to a fashion designer for that purpose. The lady designer seems to be quite good with her job and also welcoming.


Few days later which was a day to when the dresses were needed, there was an issue and a little delay with the children's dresses which required the lady tailor to take the dresses to the man's house herself because the children needed to use the dresses the next day.

The man and lady exchanged greetings and both seemed attracted to eachother but then, nothing happened. After the school function, the lady decided to call to check if the dresses had any complaints but the man said they were perfect and thanked her for a good job too. As you all know, the more a man and lady talks, the more they get into eachother. Few days later, the man and lady bumped into eachother again at a mall and they exchanged pleasantries. As at then it was close to Christmas and the man was talking to the lady about the possibility of sewing other dresses with her for the kids.


The woman got talking about different materials, styles and all and the man kept staring and was seeing within her and how beautiful and intelligent she was. As she was talking, he interrupted her and asked if she could go out with him for lunch.

The lady refused for that day, but then, men will always be men. He kept calling from there asking for a lunch date and finally, the lady agreed. From there, they got talking and he told her everything about his late wife and kids. She was sorry and felt for him too.

Days passed, Weeks passed and to cut the long story short, she finally visited the house as a friend. The children as usual hated the lady especially the first born girl. She spoke rudely to her and all but the lady didn't get offended because she realised their mothers death still hurts them so much and they never wanted anyone close to their Dad.

•••to be continued


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