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Continuing from CUT TO THE CHASE 2

“Moses, hear me clearly, I never abandoned Michael, we only separated from each other for a few months because I wanted him to be a man and take responsibility for himself. I was tired of feeding him everyday, I was tired of paying his bills, I was just tired of everything; so the best thing I thought I could do was to step aside and let him wake from his slumber. Munachimso is a fox, she exploited the situation and snatched him away from me. And she calls herself my best friend, I'll definitely get back what's mine. I promise you, Moses.”

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“Babe, I think you want to hear the truth, and I'll tell it to you right now. If truly you didn't break up with him, and you love him as you claim right now, and wanted him to wake up from his slumber, you wouldn't have left him just like that. This is a proof that you're not a sincere person. Why didn't you give him your supermarket at the Village Market to run for you, if you truly wanted him to be useful? Or why didn't you let him run your boutique? At least, I know he opened that one for you. Why was stepping away from him, someone who has never treated you bad, the only solution for you at the time? In your mind, did you think that by stepping away, he'd become a better person or he'd be worse than he already was? If you, the one person that he loves the most decides to abandon him, didn't you think he'd deteriote? And if your methodology somehow worked, did you think when you return, he'd gladly accept you back? Babe, think-o because we're all humans. If this guy were to be your brother, would you treat him like that?

Well, for me, if you think Munachimso is a fox, then I think she's a good, wise fox because she was so humane and sympathetic enough to understand that what you abandoned deserved to be loved and given a second chance. She should be commended because in her foxiness, if there's any word like that, she was able to save a life on your behalf. She saw him in the ditch that you left him, she picked him up, brushed him up and made him become the kind of man that she's always dreamt for herself, and now you want to come and use your bad bele to stand in their way? It will not work for you, Cynthia Ogbuefi!” I clicked my fingers in her face. She made no attempt to resist, she just watched in regret. “This same guy took care of you in the hospital for six good months. You were just a liability to him, but he paid for your bed and your oxygen on a daily basis. His family fought him and asked him to leave you, but he rejected their calls to do so. His friends mocked him for investing in a woman he was not married to, they warned him that you could turn back and bite him but her rebuffed all their concerns. He stuck with you, he fought for you and defended you for six months.


He never complained or regretted doing it. But you, you only fed him and paid bills his for three months, and you complain about it as if you were caring for the whole world. Maybe you should go back home, sit down and calculate the amount he paid for your bed and oxygen in that hospital for six months, and subtract it from the money you used on him for that three months, and we'd see who's the fox between you and Munachimso.

See, my dear, lemme just tell you, you can't eat your cake and have it. You ran after money and threw true love away. Now you've got all the money, you've got two cars, nice dresses and a fat bank account but you don't have the kinda love you desire. Don't get me wrong, money is good but you didn't set your priority right, and now it's come back to haunt you.”

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