Application for Community Curator initiative

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This is my application to be Community Curator for the Christian Fellowship Community as part of @steemitblog’s 100 Days of Steem initiative.

Here are my responses to the questions.

The Community or subject areas you would like to curate

I am the admin of the Christian Fellowship Community. We are a close knit community with 284 subscribers. I would like to curate for our community and also other related content such as family, love, life and philosophy.

Your experience and background on Steem

I joined Steem in August 2016 and have been active almost every day since then. Steem has transformed my life and I would like to help to make it thrive again.

Any languages you are fluent in

I'm fluent in both Chinese and English.

Why you think you would make a good curator

I have been on Steem for 3 and a half years and have seen what works and what doesn't. I am familiar with how to pick out good content. And as first an author and later investor of Steem, I would like to help Steem grow, and know what content is valuable to building up the platform.



hope you get it nextgen622. the authors in the community could use it

Yes, me too. Thanks bro.

hi, you're already a good curator.

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