Pandiculation (99 word story)

in GEMS4 years ago


Image Source - Pixabay

She had followed me home surreptitiously last week. I knew she was closeby even though I didn't ever hear her mewl because the plate of milk and cat food always disappeared minutes after I put them out. Determined to catch a glimpse of my new housemate, I stood quietly behind the door, watching the plate of milk intently. Then I saw her catwalk majestically towards the plate and lap up the milk quickly. Her lazy pandiculation when she finished was a sign of pure satisfaction. I smiled. The proud feline stray would trust me enough to come inside soon.

Word Count - 99

Ever tried writing a meaningful story with very few words? If you haven't, try it using the word "pandiculation".

Cheers, wash your hands & stay safe!

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