Mr. J Story With The Cashier (Personal Experience)

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That hot afternoon, Mr. M goes to a cafeteria for lunch. Mr. M decided to try the cafeteria that had just opened a few weeks before.
Change is very important to me, said Mr. M in his heart, so I pay close attention to what I will order.

When selecting the menu, he passed by the venison, he only saw chicken with the addition of cold drinks that were slightly sweet, and cost 49 cents.

When Mr. M goes to the cashier's desk to pay, the cashier checks the "bill payment" receipt and says the total is 1.04 $. Politely, Mr. M asked him to double check the receipt because the money was only 99 cents.

After looking back at the receipt, the cashier recalculated. The price difference lies in turkey, the cafeteria gives a price of 59 cents, not 49 cents. Then Mr. M showed a sign that the price was 49 cents.

Apparently the cashier was a little angry, Mr. M doesn't care about a sign written and it's supposed to be 49 cents, "Look at this price list now, and someone there has made a mistake, I should have paid 49 cents". Mr. M also tried to explain the reason he chose turkey chicken because it cost 49 cents. If the price of the turkey was 59 cents, then I would have chosen another meal, added Mr. M in a polite voice.

To this the cashier answered briefly and clearly, "You still have to pay 59 cents for turkey and a total of 1.04 $". Then Mr. M kept paying because he didn't want to stand there and be the center of attention of others who visited the cafeteria.

But, on that day Mr. M decided not to go back to the cafeteria for lunch. Even though Mr. M spent about 350 $ in a year for lunch, and you can be sure that the cafeteria won't get even a cent from Mr. J money.

A small example that we can take from this short story, whether it's a fiction or not. But clearly do not be like the cafeteria cashier in the story above only see one small currency that is 49 cents, but look at a great potential that was spent Mr. M for 350 $.


I've shared this story before here (my blog steemit), and that was 3 years ago.

I hope this short story is useful for all who have read this post.
and of course we can learn and be a lesson for us all in understanding the problems in life.



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