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Hello friends,
today I want to tell you a particular story.
I want to tell you the story of a real alien attack and a thrilling battle.


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Within a galaxy called "Blockchains" there is a small world called Steem.
The inhabitants of this world, the Steemians, are different from each other: they have different shades of skin color, speak different languages ​​and have different interests and opinions.
These differences, however, are an added value, all Stemians know that diversity is a great value and constructive confrontation is a rare opportunity for growth.
They try to help each other and use a digital currency called STEEM.
The peculiarity of Steem's world is that decisions, information and transactions are managed in a decentralized way.

It is not the perfect world and there are many things to improve, but the air you breathe on Steem is made of tolerance and common sense while hatred is almost absent.
I hate that instead abounds in worlds of other nearby galaxies such as the world of Facebook.

The Aliens

One day strange gray men appear out of nowhere and arrive on Steem, nobody has ever seen them before, nobody knows who they are but one thing is certain: they are aliens.


Steemians may have black, white, yellow skin ... and all colors are of equal beauty but nobody on the planet Steem has or has ever had the color of gray skin.
What is not known can often frighten yet these aliens have reassuring names, names that inspire trust: goodguy, happylife, waitforyou ...

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The Alien Attack

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Despite their reassuring names, the aliens decide to attack with great force.
They want to take over the world where they landed.
The aliens are all endowed with magical powers, they can appear where they want especially in the most varied rankings.


In one day, on March 3, 2020, they occupy Steem's world parliament.
On Steem the parliamentarians are called Witnesses and the gray men manage with gold (STEEM) and magic to rank in the top 20 of the Witnesses ranking.

The plan of the aliens

The gray men are convinced that they can easily conquer the small world of Steem.
Steemians, in their opinion, are too different from each other.
There are those who run or walk and write Actifit posts, those who publish music videos, those who love poetry, those who take photos and publish them with Appics, those who play strange games with summoners and monsters. :)

The leader of the gray men has bought many STEEMs and is sure to govern and decide everything.
He wants to centralize a decentralized world and plans to do it without difficulty and in a short time.

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Many Steemians fall into despair:

We are doomed! The leader of the gray men is too strong!

Steem is now centralized! All is lost!

The battle

Decentralized control of the planet cannot be lost without fighting.

The Steemians unite, organize themselves and above all team up.
The community chooses a very strong team of witnesses and fully supports them.


Everyone in Steem's world, from the smallest to the largest, shouts and incites to battle:
We have to fight! We can't give up without trying to rebel at least!

The battlefield chosen is a proven field, the scene of many battles on Steem: the Splinterlands forest.
Splinterlands summoners, trained to summon monsters, fairies and elves, must now witness a bloody battle between gray men and brave Steemians.
Gray men choose the summoner of the death element.
Steemians choose the summoner of the life element.



A gripping, hard, epic battle, but in the end the gray men surrender.
A bloody battle, whose narrative will be kept immutabled in Steem's posts and will be told to the little Stemians who will be born in the years to come...

If one day was enough for gray men to occupy the first places in the ranking of witnesses, in just as little time the first 7 places are re-occupied by the Steemians.


And now what will the terrible gray men do?

Will they consider themselves defeated?

Will they choose to take a diplomatic route?

Will they launch another powerful attack?

Did the Steemians win a war or just a single battle?


When the value at risk is Freedom, you must fight with all your strength not to lose it.
Freedom has no price.
Freedom is like oxygen.
Freedom is life.

Steem has proven to be worth far more than what little gray men thought.
Steem has proven to be compact in difficulties.
Steem has shown that his force majeure lies in his beautiful community.

With this post of mine I want to invite everyone to think about how beautiful and important is freedom and ... why not? It also wants to be an invitation to have a fun "decentralized" game in Splinterlands :)

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The font used is open source.


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Dude. This was a GREAT story!
Being a fan of sci-fi and all things nerdy I think you really explained what's happened so far in a fantastical sort of way. I dig it.

And to be honest, the grey men did just suddenly appear!
I do a lot of (side) research on alien things (ancient civilizations) and often wonder how stories are remembered. This makes me think of that.

And particularly from most people's perspective, who are just getting bits and pieces of info, if feels like some random grey aliens attempted to take over our home.

Sure, it leaves out stuff that happened before... but the story's got to start somewhere.

Thank you very much @carrieallen for your comment and support
I too like sci-fi very much
I had fun writing this post and I'm very happy that you liked it too :)

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