Historical Volatility at 40% for BTC, previous times this happened has lead to major moves

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We may be about to see a big move in BTC

The historical volatility is now at 40%, which has meant a big move incoming historically.

When bitcoin has reached this level in the past, it has lead to a move between 30% and 60% in the following weeks...

Check it out:


(Source: https://twitter.com/Josh_Rager/status/1282300101705310209/photo/1)

Unfortunately 2 of the last 3 moves with a similar setup have been to the downside, but that doesn't necessarily mean much as we were at different points in the halving price cycle.

That being said I have been noticing volatility contracting for months now, we are due for a big move and hopefully that move is up.

Hopefully when it does break hard it drags up STEEM with it!

Stay informed my friends.



Hope it will rise above the sky

Me too.

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