Has anyone tried OpenMarket yet on STEEM?

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Hearing about a new market being built on STEEM, anyone tried it out yet?

Just stumbled upon a new market place where people are buying and selling real world items in exchange for STEEM.

It's called OpenMarket and can be accessed at https://opnmarket.com/

Check it out:


(Source: https://opnmarket.com/)

This is very interesting.

I am not sure how much demand there will be for people to transact in steem, or any other altcoin for that matter as they are so volatile, but it is interesting.

My suggestion would be to instead price everything in STEEM and SBDs. A stable coin makes a lot more sense in terms of buying and selling with the current state of the crypto and fiat markets.

Has anyone tried it out yet, and if so what was your experience?

Stay informed my friends.



I have someone that can list product here immediately for try out but then the category needs to improve. At least "food" needs to be added here quick.

Interesting. I am not sure pricing things in STEEM is the best way to go in order to foster adoption though, what do you think?

Cryptocurrencies are often too volatile to make a good means of exchange. I would think using a stable coin like SBD would be a better choice, no?

yeah, unless they are casually selling items time to time up on events stabled pegged value is much needed for constant sales over time.

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Have never tried it before

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