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RE: Travelogue S37 - Kerala 06- Wayanaad - Of Dams and Lakes & India's only floating solar plant

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How do you get so many votes in the GEMS community? is there an app or something similar?


No there is no App. Hard work is the only way. You can look at two things.

1- Spend time in the #introduceyourself tag. Welcome the new members into Steem. Upvote them follow them. Then maybe you can request they also follow back. Some will Some won't. That's ok. Join discord for various communities. If you are looking at GEMS then join their discord. Interact make friends etc. Make sure u use the same user name as your steem id in Discord.

2- Work on creating high quality content. At the end people should be entertained. If that happens more and more people will come to steem to read. Such content makers will naturally find traction. Good content takes time to be noticed. But surely it will. Its just like youtube or any other social media. You have spend some time making content before people notice you. It took me a while to get noticed. It's the same with everyone.

I wish you luck on your Steem journey. Do feel free to reach out if i can help in anyway :)


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