Goat Stew

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Today is another one-pot-dish again. The weather here in Malaysia changed from sunny to rainy, making us all feel so cozy and laid back. In moment like this, I knew I had to cook one-pot-dish again.



Mutton - ✅ Checked

Carrots - ✅ Checked

Potatoes - ✅ Checked

Onion - ✅ Checked

Garlic - ✅Checked

Bay leaves - ✅ Checked

Tomato puree - ✅Checked

My children love to say this. "Mummy, you dump all in again?" Oh yes! Because I literally throw all the ingredients in and set the smart cooker to cook for 3 hours. In today's cooking, what's lacking will be celery and tomatoes. But, it was raining, and I did not feel like going out to buy these two ingredients. The goat stew would just so fine without them.

After 3 hours...

The whole house smelled fragrant, that is because I don't stay at a huge apartment, just a tinu cozy one. Before serving the stew, let's add some seasoning. I used half a cube beef stock, salt and black pepper and dried rosemary for the seasoning. Now, it is perfecto!


All of us love to eat mutton/goat stew with a bowl of warm rice. If there is any leftover, I may cook potato gratin and we may have mutton stew with potato gratin.


Bon Apetit! ❤️

Luv, Jadeline


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