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RE: Batalla Chispeante Protagonizada por Spark Pixies

in GEMSlast year
Thankful that you have had the time to translate and read🤗 ... I know you don't speak Spanish ... good to know that you liked it. My English is a little bit, but my next participation I will try to do it in English 😉. Yes, the Pixies really are very useful on multiple occasions, you have to have them close. Regarding the contingency plan ... it could not take action, since my opponent could not hold it long enough to receive the attacks of Cerberus and Giant Roc ... the defensive base plan worked excellent. 😎

In another order of ideas ... 😁, the following video surprised you. I think the video was a tour of the airstrip in Tucupido, that's the video where he was wearing a hat 😅. Here I leave you a photo of the place, click here and answer if we are correct ... hey, thanks for the compliment 🥺😊🙈, kisses.😘😘

It wasn't that pic. You were talking to the camera IN a Santa Claus hat... it was probably near Christmas time. Or maybe not. 🤣

No need to do your posts in English, unless you want to practice. I just use Google translate and can get the idea. Most of the time it translates very well. 🥰

No fue esa foto. Estabas hablando con la cámara con un sombrero de Papá Noel ... probablemente era cerca de Navidad. O tal vez no. 🤣

No es necesario que hagas tus publicaciones en inglés, a menos que quieras practicar. Solo uso el traductor de Google y puedo entender la idea. La mayoría de las veces se traduce muy bien.

In the one I sent you I had a hat ... I don't remember wearing a Santa Claus hat, maybe it wasn't me or it did and I have a bad memory hahaha ... if you could show me what it was. If calm down, sometimes I do publication in English to practice ... the translator will do the translation well as long as I write well in Spanish, if I write the translator wrongly because I am a bot I will not understand and it will lose its essence.

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