Beauty And Character || Beauty From The Inside

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The first day I met her, it felt like I was struck by lightning...
Beholding her eyes, I saw the eyes of that of an angel, so innocent..
Her lips, her lips were so smooth and so enticing...
Every part of her can not be fully described as words are not enough...
I was enchanted by her beauty...
Even the words from her mouth was so angelic, I was sure to have reached my destination in finding the woman of my dreams....

Then I saw the real her...

At the restaurant where we met, the waiter had mistakenly mixed up her order...he apologised but she turned deaf hears to the apology and insulted him in a manner that can not be forgiven, she basically treated him like garbage.

Then I thought...

It is true what they say, "Beauty attracts the eyes but character captures the heart".

Most times we get carried away with the beauty of the outside that we forget that the real beauty lies in the inside of a person, which is the character of a person. If you get attracted to a person because of his or her beauty without taking heed of her character what happens when the beauty fades away?

Beauty may fade away but the character of a person remains.

Beauty can take you places but only a good character can keep you in that place. Interestingly, the same way you cannot hide your beauty...that's the same way you can not hide your character. One way or the other a good or bad character would find a way to show itself.

A person can be physically beautiful and also have a good or beautiful character. The interesting part of it all is even an average fine person with a good character has nothing to fear because her good character would make her beautiful bright...there by making truth the words...

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder" come into play.

Thanks for reading!! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think too. Stay safe, stay positive...there are better days ahead.



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