@Barski announces photo contest - Show me the beetles - Round 2 & WINNERS - weekly prize pool of 230 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

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Round number 2 - Show me the beetles!


Greetings, friends!

Covered with armor, like tanks, but, bright as flowers, beetles conquer the space of my blog on this day!

I can not resist such an onslaught, I raise my hands up and clap my hands, applauding, the photographs of our contestants, who, provided for the contest, are wonderful photographs that show us the world of beetles!


If you don’t like bugs, today is a great moment in life, what would you like to reconsider your preferences.

Turn a beetle photo into a coin!

Every Wednesday, until September 1, 2020, I will announce the winners of each round of the contest - Show me the beetles!

I invite photographers to take part in daily competitions.

Today, we have the winners of the 1 round of the competition!

Dear @bigsambucca, this is the biggest bronze that I saw! This beetle is huge when I compare it with a marigold flower. Congratulations!

Author - @bigsambucca - 100 BTCMYC - First place!

Dear @nelinoeva, this is a very harmonious and touching moment! This, spring in its purest form - face value! Congratulations!

Author - @nelinoeva - 50 BTCMYC - Second place!

Deserved victory, and the prizes went to the winners.

Check wallets.


Strive for small and get a lot, this is our motto!

Show me the beetles!


Weekly prize pool of 230 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

1st place will receive 100 BTCMYC tokens

2 x 2nd place will 50 BTCMYC tokens, each ;

3 x 3rd place will receive 10 BTCMYC tokens, each.

Tokens will be transferred to the winemakers @steem-engine wallet.

Below, you can see examples of photographs for the contest.


I took these photos at different times of the year.


The format of the photo does not matter, only your talent can lead you to victory.


You can use any means of photography. If, suddenly, you do not have any camera, you can draw a butterflies, as you know, perhaps this is the way to victory.



  1. Your photograph, collages and drawings, and a few words (Minimum 25 words excluding links) about it should be presented as a comment on this post.
    You can publish a post and post a link to it and a photo as a comment on this post. A photograph in the comment is required.
  2. This should be your work that you personally took. Plagiarism and stock photos are unacceptable.
  3. Vote for this post.
  4. Share this post with other bloggers.

Winners will receive their prizes after paying for this post.

Each of you can become a sponsor of this competition and increase the prize pool.

Your votes, this is a tangible support of this contest!

I want to introduce and thank,the constant sponsor of our contests, this, a wonderful whale, in the ocean by Steem - @upmewhale!

I wish you all a great hunt!

You can take part in contests that are held daily. Contests are held daily.

You can take part in contests of photos and comments.

Stay tuned for updates to our blog.

Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski


Thank you @barski for the tokens , it was definitely one huge beautiful looking Beetle 😊

Thank you @barski!
I hope to see more contestants. To be honest with you I did not like bugs, but since I discovered the wonders of the macrophotography, my curiosity arose and now I am searching the grass and looking at the ground to photograph the little ones.

This photo is one of the earliest I did. I still use my smartphone like before and sometimes I add macro lens that is easy to clip. Or, and it is very cheap too. But for this photo, this is just the camera from the phone, zoomed.


Amazing what you find in flowers i am normally use to seeing Bees and Butterflies doing there daily duties extracting pollen from flowers but when i saw this little cute Beetle hiding in this flower i was quite surprised i didn't know Beetle's like pollen.


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