'Real' Orchids at Kualanamu International Airport

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Orchid is one of Indonesia's national flowers. We can find spot orchids that are real, really alive, not fake flowers made of plastic.



I was quite amazed to see orchids in full bloom at the airport.


I know that taking care or orchids is difficult, so I feel amazed and amazed if there are orchids that bloom perfectly.


When I was taking someone to the airport, I decided to take a picture among the beautiful orchids.


Real flowers always have a deeper meaning than fake lowers.

That was a little about my activities today to take someone to Kualanamu International Airport.


The view of the sky outside was also beautiful.

Until next!

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Bunga anggreknya

Harus terus di lestarikan 👍👍👍

Beautiful flowers. :)

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The orchids are really beautiful. And you are also looking gorgeous!

Kualanamu has quite amazing airport and those orchids are amazing

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Kualanamu Airport has a great architecture :)

Thank you so much for always supporting my post.

2 beautiful Anggrek ✌️🌸👩‍🦳🤩

The orchids sew beautiful and you are lucky to have them growing in your country. Lovely photo of you in the pink and blue.

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