Weekly Report for Steem4nigeria Community[8th - 14th August]

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Hello Steemians,

It's my pleasure to present the first weekly report of the Steem4nigeria community. This is an official community account created to unite Nigerians on Steemit. In this report, we will present the activities and curation reports in the community over the past seven days.

Before going into presenting the report, I wish to thank the Admins, Mods, and also our wonderful members who have been with us since the creation of this community. We are gradually making progress toward achieving our goals here on Steemit.

This report covers activities from 8th August 2022 to 14th August 2022. The content of this report covers the following:

  • Active Poster.
  • Curation Report.
  • Plagiarism / Abuse Cases.
  • Ongoing Engagement in the community.
  • Booming Report.


Activities from 8th - 14th August 2022.

Active Members

At the time of writing this report, the community has a total of 1062 subscribers and 84 active posters. In the last 7 days, a total 75+ publications were posted in the community. Steem4nigeria community admins and MODs comprise reputable Steemians and Country Reps. This makes it easy to track the activities of our members and also guarantees a safe landing for the newbies on the platform.

Curation Report

Screenshot (787).png

We try as much as possible to utilize our resources to support our team members in and outside the community. The community currently have 17,372 SP in Delegation and 4,066 SP belonging to the community official account. This makes it a total of 21,439 effective SP used to support our users.

Over the past 7 days, a total of 143 upvotes had been given to 73 users. Like I said earlier, this support is not limited to our users in the community. Being the official country community account, we track our members outside the community using the #nigeria tag. For this reason, we encourage our users to always include the country tag among the first 4 tags in their publications.

We always encourage our members to follow at least the #club5050 tag by powering up 50% of their liquid earnings. These criteria and other guidelines are being followed before a user receives support from the community. Also, we are focused on filtering plagiarised content and abusers in and outside the community.


Ongoing Engagements in the Community

We are always working hard to engage our users with contests and promotional activities in the community aside from the engagement and diary game articles posted in the community. Currently, we have some exciting engagements in the community which will be listed below.

EngagementHostPrize PoolExpiration
Topic: Contest Alert : My Experience on Steemit and Plans to Contribute to its Growth. [12 STEEM Price Pool]@reminiscence0112 Steem + Booming Support (Not guaranteed)21st August 2022
Topic: Contest Alert (#growwithsteem-naija)👉 Let's Grow Bigger Naija (Powerup/Promotion) by @ngoenyi. Win Monthly Delegation@ngoenyi6500 SP in Delegation31st August, 2022
Topic: New Project: Steem4Nigeria Accelerator Your Growth in the Ecosystem, a Priority for Us@fredquantumBooming SupportAll Week Round


Booming Report

Our community belongs to the Tier 1 of the booming support. This means that we select 7 articles every day for booming support. We encourage our users to keep publishing quality content and stand a chance for this support. A detailed explanation of how to stand a chance for booming support can be found in the daily report which can be found below.

Posts selected for booming are of quality and in line with our guidelines. Please understand that there's no relationship between a users club status, reputation, and own resources in getting selected for booming support. This simply means that everyone has equal chances of getting selected as long you meet the basic guidelines for the selection. Another point to note is that there's no specific theme selected for booming support.

Every member of the community is limited to only two booming support per week apart from the community account. This helps us to ensure that this support gets to more members. The table below contains the daily booming reports for last week. Special thanks to @fredquantum for these reports.

DateLink to Report
8th August 2022Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (08/08/2022)
9th August 2022Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (09/08/2022)
10th August 2022Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (10/08/2022)
11th August 2022Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (11/08/2022)
12th August 2022 Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (12/08/2022)
13th August 2022 Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (13/08/2022)
14th August 2022Top Articles Selected for Support for the Day (14/08/2022)


We appreciate our members for their support and activities in the community. Thank you for your attention.


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We have accomplished much for the past one week. This is a well detailed report that comprises all what we did. Let's see how the coming week will be. More efforts from us all will keep us all moving

Great and comprehensive reporting. The community is moving to greater heights.

This is indeed a very detail and comprehensive report about the past one week, we are progressing.

A detailed report from @steem4nigeria, your work on the platform is quite efficient.

Amazing job done in the community. The efforts of the Admins/Mods towards the realization is well appreciated. We #steem-on.

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