The diary game (31/03/2024) power of resurrection// Powerup 46 steem to become a dolphin 🐬

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14 April World Dolphin Day Instagram Post_20240331_214638_0000.png


It was an Easter Sunday, I was so happy even in my dream then I woke up with so much excitement in my heart. This particular sunday was not just an ordinary sunday, but an important Sunday, a special Sunday that signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was a day to celebrate and give God all the thanks for the ultimate sacrifice he made for our salvation.

After getting ready, I made my way to my makeup artist's studio to tie gele and do a light makeup, when I was done I dressed up in her studio and prepared to join others in church.

Since today was a Easter Sunday and the last Sunday of the month so we were asked to Dressed with any outfits of our choice but the head wear should be a red gele and I also put on a red outfit so as to match with my head tie.


on my way to church after my makeup

Reaching the church, praise and worship section was in other, I joined in singing praises to our God. The atmosphere was something else, I felt the presence of God around me.

There was this powerful message that was delivered by my pastor, the topic was " the resurrection of Jesus Christ" I didn't want to miss any of the teaching, so I brought out my notebook and I jotted down the most important points.

####### My note of Sunday service


my church member and myself

Since my church is a prophetic church, so many people were healed, deliverance took place, and at the end of the day, an alter call was made, alot of people made their way to the alter, we prayed and asked God for his mercy upon us. Sunday service was one service that I felt God's presence.


IN THE AFTERNOON ( 31/03/2024)

Church service closes very early, and we all went home by 12.30pm, I came back home very hungry because I went to church with a fast, so what I did was to buy moimoi and myself and my kids eat that as our launch.

After eating I freshen up and I rested a while.

At evening I wake up and I prepared dinner for the family. When I was done I decided to enter my steemit blog and guest what.
Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha.

I am the latest dolphin in town.

dolphin-marine-mammals-water-sea-64219 (1).jpeg
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Hello ladies and gentlemen, after claiming some rewards I noticed I was few steem away from becoming a dolphin, I quickly login to my wallet and I did some Powerup.


screenshot of my wallet before powering up

Guys before now I had 4955.796sp and I 46.191 liquid steem, then I checked it was enough for me to power up and belong to the dolphin club.


my powering up

So I quickly power up my liquid steem and guest what, I joined the dolphin 🐬 club


Finally my dream came through as I officially become a dolphin! I want to use privileged to thank everyone that made it possible for me to find myself and grow on Steemit over the past years.

My appreciation will not be complete if I don't mention few names who has stood by me to support me.
I am here to say thank you to @ngoenyi for all the encouragements and supports she has given to me, thank you for bringing me this far.
I will love to thank my very own sister @goodybest for always standing in for me, no matter the time I call her, she will respond and give me the guidance I needed.
My joy will not be complete if I don't mention my favorite communities that has been there for me. #steemkidss& parents community, #steemhealth community, #steem4nigeria community, #steemladies community, thank you for all the supports 🙏, it is your supports that brought me this far.
And to my able biggest boss @sco1 I appreciate you🙏.

And to all others curators, I thank you all, I might not mention your name but just know that I appreciate all your support.
God bless you all.
Happy new month guys, may we experience speed in our doings

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 3 months ago 

Yes, you did it, ma'am! Congratulations 🎉 to you! Indeed consistency pays. I wish you many more dolphins 🐬 let's swim together!

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much my lovely sister


Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

 3 months ago 

Congratulations to you dear on becoming a dolphin. It shows that you are very hardworking. I wish you many more dolphins in the future

 3 months ago 

Amen, thank you ma'am

 3 months ago 

Congratulations on your achievement.

 3 months ago 

Thank you boss

 3 months ago 

Boss lady this is huge. Congrats and more wins.. make I go set table for house so that the celebration will start.

 3 months ago 

You see you, abeg lower the volume. Thank you dear

Congratulations to you, looking good for the season and the occasion, enjoy your new status

 3 months ago (edited)

Congratulations on such a great achievement, wish you more success

 3 months ago 

I celebrate your hard and all your efforts. Congratulations

 3 months ago 

Thank you my dear friend

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