LearnWithSteem: How to Make Coconut Oil

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Greetings Steemians!
Welcome to my learn with Steem blog. Today I want to share with you all how to make coconut oil (extraction of raw coconut oil without cooking the milk).

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Before I proceed to the recipe, let's see what coconut is and the benefits of its oil;

Coconut is the edible part of the coconut palm which is the fruit; the part which include its tasty meat (white), milk, oil and water.

Benefits of Coconut Oil
  • Coconut oil hinders infections
  • Good for skin health by moisturizing and toning it
  • Protects the hair from damaging
  • Good for acne treatment.

Now, after getting to discover some of the benefits of coconut oil, let's see how I extracted the oil from the nut by following step-by-step procedures.

Extraction Process

Step 1: break coconut and remove the tasty meat from the shell

IMG_20230411_223758.jpgRemoving the meat from the shell

Step 2: wash and chop into pieces

IMG_20230411_230519.jpgchopping process

Step 3: put the flesh into the blender and add water to blend

IMG_20230411_231841.jpg About to blend

Step 4: sieve the water and milk out by separating it from the particles.

IMG_20230411_232943.jpgFiltration process

Note: There is mixture of water and milk after filtration.

Step 5: cover it and keep it till the next day for the milk to float while the water settle at the bottom.

Step 6: separate the milk from the water into another bowl

IMG_20230412_084553.jpg separating milk from waterIMG_20230412_084808.jpg Here's just milk

Step 7: sun the milk for days to dry and watch it produce raw oil gradually.

IMG_20230504_154541.jpgAfter the milk has dried up and the oil was drained out

Now, take a look at my freshly made coconut oil.

IMG_20230504_154700.jpg Final stage: oil produced

Thank you all for taking time to follow each step. I hope it was worth it?

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This is a very beautiful tutorial. I just learnt how to make coconut oil. Thank you for sharing.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for the review

Are you needing me?? I thought it will be cooked. Thanks so much for this wonderful presentation. I really learn from it

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