"SECS 8 Week 4: The mental health of a content creator"

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Myself mentally drained after a stressful day



Hello friends we are in another season of the engagement challenge and is becoming so interesting everyday, firstly I will love to appreciate this community for their effort in making sure that we get support because is not easy to create content and at the end of the day it pays out zero, and this contest has really affected the situation. So let me first of all differentiate the meaning of mental health.

Mental health is comprises of our emotional, intellectual and lastly our social well-being. It's contribute on how we think, feel, and act. It also helps us to control on how we handle stress, and make healthy choices. So I will say Mental health is very important at every stage of life,

How do you feel when creating content? Is it a pleasant experience for you or, on the contrary, does it generate anxiety and discouragement?


Creating content is one of the pleasant experience that had ever happened to me, creating of content makes me believe what is in me its help me ease my stress and tension of any situation I found myself. Ever since I joined steemit I love creating content on a daily basis at some point I was doing competition with my fellow steemians then on who to create more content. So even when I am stressed I make sure I drop at least one post day, so it cause me nothing in creating content. So creating content makes me believe that I can pass a message across for people to learn and once that is done I feel so complete that at least I have create a good content so I feel motivated.

Have you ever felt mentally exhausted by generating content on a daily basis? Tell us about your experience


Myself at the gas station trying to transfer money and network was bad.

Feeling mentally exhausted why creating content is normal expercially now that we are passing through hard times that you will be dividing your thinking into many places, just for an example like today I plan to drop at least 3 post but what stop me is that while I was cooking after dropping my first post my gas finished and I ask someone to send me money and he promised to send but up till this moment I have not seen a dam from him though he told me he has send it and forwarded the receipt to me and because of that I have to stay hungry, and when I decided to use the little money in my account to fill my gas boom no network in first bank and because of that I was mentally exhausted, I couldn't concentrate on the writing again, because I have carry my phone severally to create content but I couldn't. So it really affected me because I couldn't focus again so I had to let it be until when I was able to sort out myself and my mind was relax.

What do you feel when your content is not valued as you expect it to be? Does this affect you mentally?


Any time I create content I do it with two purpose, first for the viewers to learn from it and secondly to have support, but after spending so much time and energy in creating content my post pays out zero so because of that at some extent I feel so discouraged just for instance there was a week I put down like four engagement challenge and all of them pays out zero, I felt so bad that I was not able to write the following week because I thought it will happen the same not until one of my post was voted in #steemfashion&style and because of that vote I was encouraged to continue steeming. So you can see it really affected my mental health.

What would be your recommendations for a content creator to keep a healthy mind?


Taking care of myself by eating what I like just to ease my mental health

Though content creators are often take great pleasure in reaching their goals, even perfectionists. But I'm here to say that good mental health matters, because you can only get so far in your publishing career if you cannot carry on with it sustainably.

There are some advice we put into practice to keep ourselves and our mental health in good shape.

  • Setting your boundaries: Don’t be afraid to quit content creators are the activity of going from one place to another, but if it doesn’t work for your plan, it’s okay to say no once in a while in order to avoid stress.

  • Give yourself set working hours: Another tip I will advice especially in a place where some creators work from home, so is very importantis to set working hours. When you’re working for yourself the lines between personal time and business hours incline to blur. With this you will be able to schedule working hours and breaks so you can use the opportunity totake care of business and yourself.

  • Unplug: getaway with no cell service is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, for a some reasons, makes sure you stop working and don’t get sucked in, just stay away from screen and uncomfortable working position. You know spending too much time looking at the screens hurts our physical health and mental health. Putting our eyes excessively on the screen can make us have eye issues, headaches, neck and back pain, and increased feelings of depression or anxiety. All this do happen to me.
  • Take care of your physical health: we should try and take care of our physical health if we want to keep our mental health strong.

Your physical health and mental health are incapable of being disentangled and if one is off, the other is more likely to suffer too. Make sure you eat healthy food and take care of yourself!



In conclusion keep your eyes on the end goal, don’t be too serious with life and make sure take care of yourself.

Go for things that makes you happy. Have fun when necessary, I will use this medium to invite my friends to join me in this beautiful contest, @soythai, @goodybest, @eliany


Know more about me


Nice to know from you that content creation is a nice experience in your point of view and if I talk about my point of view then I also like to create content but you are right that we are involved in a lot of activity sometimes we have to give time to our family and sometime we have to give time to our work as a student and sometime we have to give time to our work being a teacher businessman or any other job holder so there are a lot of responsibility that we have.

Definitely we can become exhausted when we have to complete all of them but one thing that is important in your article and I agree with this thing is your recommendations in which you write that we have to set some working hours and specify these working hours for this platform and for creating the content in this way we can avoid the mental exhaustion that we face sometimes due to content creation.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your point of view with us I will show a lot of success in your life as well as in this engagement challenge you participated very well and your presentation is also looking very nice m

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Thank you very much for the nice comment

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Hola amiga

Ciertamente en el día tenemos ciertas frustraciones que nos afectan y bueno como blogger podemos hacer muchas cosas, muchos aportes y tomarlo como una manera de distraer nuestra mente. La idea es tratar de disfrutar durante el proceso y no frustrarnos

Gracias por compartir.

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Thank you for the nice response

We must relax our brain before write anything and we must also make sure that we understand the topic we are going to write about if we understand all this things, is as simple as ABC. Best of luck

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Very correct, thank you for stopping by

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You are right dear friend mental health is very important for writing.

Mental health is comprises of our emotional, intellectual and lastly our social well-being.

It ended us to produce high quality content because a healthy brain has more creativity and can work more good.

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