Introducing my self to Beauty of Creativity:I am zunwie from Bamenda ,Cameroon

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My name is Zunwie Joe. I am native of Batibo village in the North West Region of Cameroon. I live in the city of Bamenda with my family. Being the first of my siblings, i am 20 years old and currently a first year student of the University of Bamenda studying Communication and Development Studies in the Faculty of Arts.

I have a strong passion for Journalism and my passion is to spread information that can change the lives of people around the world. I look forward to taking information to the most remote communities in my country, in a bid to empower them and open them up to the world of information and technology as well as knoweldge and opportunities.

I also have a strong passion for environmentalism, and this explains why i am taking out time to learn as well as volunteer in creating a more sustainable planet.
Some of my hobbies include playing football, music lover that is singing and listening to music, following the fashion and entertainment industry world , etc.


I was introduced to Steemit by mr-greens of thegreens during one of his Sensitization Campaigns at Teken Football Field.

I look forward to learning and connecting with Steemit accross the world

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