Calling All Creators ... Your free upvotes are waiting

Are you tired of the same old ways to boost your content and earn more rewards on the Steem blockchain? Our witness program @se-witness is here to provide a fresh solution!

When you vote for our witness account, not only will you be contributing to the security of the Steem blockchain with a dependable witness, but you'll also gain access to our daily upvote pool.

How it works:

  • Visit the link below, it is a preformatted witness vote broadcast for @se-witness. Votes are done from @Steemegg ~67k sp currently.


  • We distribute 1x 100% upvote plus an additional 100% upvote for every 250 MVests voted for our witness, on a daily basis.

  • Currently, with 780 MVests, that translates to a base 100% upvote plus an additional 3x 100% upvotes.

  • These upvotes are divided among all users according to their MVest balance.

  • Bonus: Your upvotes will be accumulated until it's above the 0.02 cent threshold or until your next post.

  • Voting for our witness is easy and free, each account is given 30 witness slots automatically. So, don't wait any longer, head over to the witness page and vote for us now!
Together, we can make a real difference on the Steem blockchain. #witness #Steem #upvote

Don't forget, Steem witnesses play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and stability of the Steem blockchain by validating transactions, producing blocks, and maintaining the smooth operation of the network. By voting for a witness, you are choosing a trustworthy individual or organization to represent you and aid in the governance of the Steem blockchain.

 last year 

Hi, @steemegg

Follow these steps to get yourself verified in the community.

  • Subscribe to the community
  • Cast your witness vote for bangla.witness guidelines
  • Create a detailed introduction post in the community about yourself.

Make sure you add a verification picture in your introduction post

What is Verification Picture:

Take a selfie while holding a page written Beauty of Creativity with the date and your Steemit username

for more information join us on Discord

It's an automated message, If you already created an introduction post then you can ignore it. Thank You

Thanks for supporting @se-witness with your witness vote. Heres a free vote!

Hello! And where can I see the rest of the votes from the paid package?

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