BOC Daily Curation Report | 11 February 2022

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Greetings, As we know a community is going in a good direction, and every day we get new introductions to the community. Continue to produce quality content and we are adding more and more features and support in the community. Together we will win. Always share original and quality content and learn something new from other creators. Be active socially in the community and in the discord server.

Curation Report.png

Here is the curation report for 11 February 2022:

1@blacksPost Link100.011-02-22
2@bountyking5Post Link50.011-02-22
3@faisalaminPost Link50.011-02-22
4@idayrusPost Link29.011-02-22
5@jasonmunapaseePost Link34.011-02-22
6@bristy1Post Link21.011-02-22
7@maxwellmarcusartPost Link21.011-02-22
8@biplopaliPost Link21.011-02-22
9@ahlawatPost Link20.011-02-22
10@sohag27Post Link20.011-02-22
11@najiePost Link25.011-02-22
12@dani0661Post Link25.011-02-22
13@bushramalikPost Link20.011-02-22
14@ajirfalakyPost Link21.011-02-22
15@rhosadahPost Link40.011-02-22
16@narocky71Post Link20.011-02-22
17@nazarulPost Link35.011-02-22
18@ammar79Post Link25.011-02-22
19@shy-botPost Link30.011-02-22
20@abduhawabPost Link50.011-02-22
21@limon88Post Link25.011-02-22
22@ashikur50Post Link25.011-02-22
23@selinasathi1Post Link25.011-02-22
24@razuan12Post Link25.011-02-22
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10th Feb 2022
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Hi there, I am the shy-bot community first official auto bot. Controlling quality and guiding new members is my first priority. Additionally, this report is generated by me.


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Delegate to @beautycreativity to empower the community



 6 months ago 

In fact, there was a beautiful report that everyone is working in a beautiful way and it is very good that everyone is in a worthy place compared to the overall aspect

 6 months ago (edited)

@tipu curate

Good curation report

 6 months ago 

Great report 👏

 6 months ago 

good job . hope users check this very easily.

 6 months ago 

great work dear shy-bot, now we can seen the citation report byou

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