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Good Day Everyone

Hello, beloved community members, I hope everything is going well for you all. It's an honor to list the top 5 authors whose posts this week received the most points. Upvotes, comments, and resteems are used to determine point totals. Congratulations to all the authors who made the top ranking. Keep up the good work, and your goals will soon be achieved. This time, the report is not correct 100%, I will work on it today.


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Top 5 Posts
10% beneficiary to @beautycreativity. I saw there an old man on a...@nazarul
Comments: 3
Resteem: 2
Upvotes: 32
10% beneficiary to @beautycreativity People On The Street@kemsa
Comments: 3
Resteem: 1
Upvotes: 3
আমার তোলা তাল গাছে বাবুই পাখির বাসার আলোকচিত্র 📸@ah-agim
Comments: 6
Resteem: 1
Upvotes: 7
Random photography: photography of some fruit 🍑@steem-for-future
Comments: 5
Resteem: 0
Upvotes: 8
প্রশান্তির খোঁজে গঙ্গার তীরে।।@rupaie22
Comments: 4
Resteem: 0
Upvotes: 6

Last Week Report

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Thank you so much .

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Every post was amazing. Best wishes to all.

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