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My Dear Friends,
This is @ashikur50 from 🇧🇩Bangladesh


So let's get started

A few days ago, I went to visit the Padma river. There was not much water in the river then. After the water of the river dries up, only sand and sand can be seen. And it looks like a desert. A very beautiful scene. We went with friends and seven bikes. As you all know more or less I love to travel a lot. I take photography wherever I go and share it with you. In fact, everyone likes to share good moments and I am no exception. Nowadays, more or less everyone tries to do photography whenever they see a beautiful scene wherever they go. Some do professional photography through camera and some try to take beautiful photography with phone. I did the photography with the phone. Sometimes I take my camera and go out for photography. However, I didn't really want to go here but one of my younger brothers named Rahul suddenly told me that he wants to see the Padma River. makes After listening to him, I did not delay and went to visit there. After going there, seeing the environment around and the river water drying up, only sand and sand can be seen, it seemed like I had come to a desert. Later, I couldn't help but thank you because if it wasn't for such a beautiful place, I might not have seen it and maybe I wouldn't have come here. Anyway, I have said a lot, so let's see some of my most beautiful photography. I hope you like my photography, so let's see.


Device : iPhone x
What's 3 Word Location:


Device : iPhone x
What's 3 Word Location:


Device : iPhone x
What's 3 Word Location:


Device : iPhone x
What's 3 Word Location:


Device : iPhone x
What's 3 Word Location:


Hope you like my photography. As you all know I am very fond of photography. By now you all have seen many of my photography posts and have made many lovely comments. I really enjoy reading your comments. In fact, no one likes to hear their own praise. Everyone keeps loving and beautiful moments on camera. Some people choose photography professionally. There are different types of ricks for photography. However, I talked a lot. I wish everyone to be well and healthy.

Camera usedsmartphone(iPhone x)

Forgive me if there is any mistake in my post.

Thanks everyone for reading my post.


I am Md. Ashikur Rahman shohag. My Steemit account is @ashikur50. I am a Bengali and I am proud to be a Bengali. I love Steemit a lot. I love reading, writing, blogging, photography, music, recipe die. I love to travel. My biggest strength is that when I get angry with someone I easily forget.

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