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This afternoon I went to the local beach, near the Oil Company. As always, I intended to find some subjects for my photography collection. Upon my friend's suggestion, we headed there passing a narrow street that led to the destination. We were so confident that we would find fascinating stuff around the beach but after spending some time I found nothing that interested me. So, I decided to walk by the beach, and I noticed the wave was racing and breaking on the shore. I observed a bit longer and came to my mind why don't take this one!

Well! To be honest I never deal with such a breaking wave stuff but I had to try and surely needed to deal with speed shutter (primarily need when shooting the moving subjects) so I could perceive the little breaking wave washing the shore. It's trilled me when I found out that this breaking wave has a beautiful pattern and shape, each breaking wave offered me a different shape and pattern which may allow me to include them in abstract photography.

After getting done with the shot, and when I saw the pictures, it made me realize that nature truly keeps its beauty and I need to reveal by observing and thanking what it has given to me so far.







Noted: Any of you who can give such an honest comment to those pictures. I will highly appreciate and for that, I am happy to reward you with 1,5 SBD (honest comment prize). This prize is only for one winner. You only have 6 hours after this post was released.
 2 months ago 

The view of the waves is beautiful. Walking barefoot on these waves has a different comfort. I like going to that places.


 2 months ago 

Yeah, the beach serves us much interesting stuff. Thanks!

 2 months ago 

It's not easy to capture the waves so beautifully in the eye of the camera because the textures that form in flowing water often fade. I have done this many times. But some did not achieve significant results. Maybe I'll have to practice more for that. Because the real beauty is to show these textures. And to be honest, you have succeeded

All the picture are so nice . Thanks :)

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your kind words. I am still thinking, as an amateur, those shots are not as good as expected, the texture is yes but they seemed to be not really clear, I wish I could get the detailed textures. I was trying harder and harder to bring the detailed result of the texture as well as the speed shutter should also work on this but I failed.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome🌹 , friend :)
Photography may seem like an easy task but if we look at its depth then even the smallest points make a lot of sense. As a learner, when I looked at these photographs, I did not see any significant defects in them. Because the best tools in photography also play an important role. And you're an expert , you did a good job. I'm impressed with your work.

 2 months ago 

It's really amazing, Nature is always near us even a common eye not getting mindset, a creative person can always have some good taste to capture things perfectly.

Presenting nature to the audience is the next challenge. Setting the camera according to the situation and getting the best outcomes to catch up the viewers interest. 💞

 2 months ago 

Nature always serves us the best. Dealing with it such a decent job, and trying to bring up their beauty from the unseen to be seen. Thank you for your kind words!

 2 months ago 

The foam from the waves is very beautiful. You take good pictures

 2 months ago 

Very good pictures I like.

 2 months ago 

The tides of the waves are extraordinary, Sis, if I may know what do you use for this photo of the waves? this is very beautiful sis, it's really a very real photo, I really like to see it😍😍

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