I've Chosen The Hive - We Are An Untamed Ocean

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Hello lovely Hiveans !


It finally happend this Friday. Since March 20th 2020 the new Hive Blockchain is finally online. I had to decide if I stick to Steem, switch to Hive, or even if I would use both blockchains. As I also host the Amazing Nature Community and the corresponding contest this decision kind of has some major consequences for a lot of people. But for me the decision was actually very easy to make, within a blink of the eye. I choose to switch to the Hive with the whole community and to leave Steem behind me completely. And the reason is quite simple 😉


We are like an untamed ocean!

For me the community that we all belong to is comparableto the oceans of this world. Those are stuffed with individual water molecules floating around everywhere that all together form this amazing mega construct. Those oceans can get super quiet, so that they appear to move not at all, but also extremely stormy, so that they can tear down even the largest oil tankers with a single combined wave. They can flow into rivers and produce the most amazing and adventurous waterfalls that are a real spectacular for every observer, or they can flow into beautiful lakes and produce the most relaxing and mind recovering sceneries of all. And everyone of us is a part of it, no matter the direction we flows to and where we sticks around. But those oceans are the fundamental basis that brought life on this earth, that created all fish, reptiles, birds, floeers trees and everything else. They formed every single thing that is so amazing on this world we are living in. Those oceans are an immensely powerful nature force that can not be controlled, no matter if one believes so. They remain unpredictable, wild and free. I could sit on any beach of this world, close my eyes, open my ears and mind, and there it is. This feeling of an untamed power that just leaves me sitting there for ages, unable to move away. It is just so overwhelming .. I better stop at this point as I could probably write this here for days and I suppose you already get my point 😂


Hive is where we all belong to!

Hive is the place for me that suits to us, the untamed ocean, the community that is free to do what it wants and express itself in the way it wants. We need no one that pours us into a swimming pool. We need no one that tells us which temperature or pH we should adapt. We need no one that just exchanges us against a fresh refill whenever we start to get to uncomfortable or stinky. And we need noone that can close us down and opens us again whenever it seem feasible to keep the money flow of the pool positive. We are the ocean that cares about the beauty we are creating and not the money tthat we are yielding. I never ever in my whole life got this feeling of an untamed power that just leaves me sitting there for ages, unable to move away when I sat on a chair or bench in the swimming pool. Did you? I have to admit that I have a bad feeling to leave all those Nature-Lovers behind that do not want to switch over to Hive or even did not notice at all what is happening here right now. They loose a big piece out there of love, not only with my projects, but with all of those switching over. But I love nature for what she is, a creative, untamable monster of suprising and never predictable amazing wonders. And one that doesn't follow rules and laws, independent and free, only caring for its own value of existing and evolving. I am also so damn lucky that the majority of those bloggers that grow into a family for me and that are thinking alike are nearly all here on Hive already. You are all so awesome and I am addicted to you all ❤️

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Huawei P30 Mobile Phone in IJmuiden, Netherlands, on a perfect day during the last summer.






If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,


Going forward each has a decision to make, good to hear you have made yours!

Waters have been wild, will calm then settle! Tides photography gorgeous in black and white resolution.

Thank you ^^ .. I thought this quite fitting for a first hive and last steem post 🤔.. I will kind if miss it here but Hive is the way to go for me.. But I will still support users of the Amazing Nature Community with information and guidance in those weird times for a while via comenting information 😁.. I hope to reach those lost souls that are still not realizing what happened here the last weeks @joanstewart

Hi @adalger ! Just for me to understand well how it works now with the different platforms and front-ends :
Did you intentionnaly post this one on Steem blockchain through Steempeak (it doesn't appear on your Hive account and I see it on esteem) whereas the same one you posted on Powerhousecreatives has been posted on Hive ?
I'm trying to sort this all out...😉

Hehe @luigi-the-gnome .. The one on phc I posted as my first official hive blog via peakd.. This here I posted intentionally via steempeak after that as my official goodbye and clearance of my decission that I will be gone from here.. I thought about it during the night.. And actually people in the Amazing Nature Community and thise following my blog here deserve to know at least that everything moved from my side 😉

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