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Good day Everyone! In this article of mine, I shall teach How To Learn UI Design. You can become a self-thought UI Designer no matter where you are! I have tutored this before and I am doing it here in this wonderful community so that my wonderful readers will learn and add to their skills!

What do a UI designer do?

A UI Designer is one who designs the looks of a webpage or an app before it is developed/programed by a web designer, He designs eg A login page, a product landing page or a homepage, etc. It is related to Graphic designing. Most UI designers are also graphic designers.

I am a UI/Graphic Designer and a Web Developer. A UI design looks like my designs below, think of them that way;

landing page ui design2.png
my recent design of a landing page

dailyUI 1.png design of a login page

Group 3.png design of a product landing page

The following steps can help you make wonderful designs as the one above, and of course you can make a lot of money working a freelancing or as a professional anywhere.



Figma is a web application that is used for Designs, be it UI or Graphic design. It is easy to learn and easy to use and a knowledge of how to use figma plugins would be fun too. I recommend it as I learned to use figma in a week of constantly watching youtube tutorial and practices. You can google more about it. There are other related applications too like adobe XD. Figma is what I use tho.


    daily ui.PNG
    This is the strength and motivation web you will enjoy the most during your practices as they will be giving you daily tasks to design and improve more starting from your day 1. you can join the #100DaysOfUIChallenge on and this is absolutely free of charge.

    This is web application is a community where you can get free template of different kinds of UI designs. Users upload their designs on dribbble after design. you too can.

    This web application assist so much in making a choice of colour combinations. It is a wonderful website with excellent color combinations.

A knowledge of the above will build one to become a pro in UI designing. You can get jobs on Upwork or even anywhere and earn huge amount of dollars for great jobs when you satisfies your clients need. You just need to be driven by good motivation to add UI design as a professional skill. You can post your job on twitter or even your linkedin. It is a wonderful skill. I enjoy designing!

I hope this becomes useful to you!

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 3 months ago 

Thank you so much

Nice sharing. Did you make a lot of money freelancing as UI designer?

 3 months ago 

thank you for your comment.

Not a lot of money for now as I begun my journey as a UI designer and a web developer this year. I hope to have more clients to work for.

Although I know a good friend who started his journey as a UI designer since 2017, he has made a lot of money working as a UI designer.

nice, I wanted to become one too, but too many running on my plates right now. Congrats on becoming one and I hope you will get a lot of clients soon!

 3 months ago 

thank you so @cryptokannon, I am motivated to do my best always by your comments.

 3 months ago 

May Allah bless you more and more with success congratulations 😚

 3 months ago 

Thank you ❤️

 3 months ago 

I appriciate your work
May you achieve the heights in your life.

 3 months ago 

Thank you

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