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I'm doing some more "Biohacking Action" as of late and just received my new supply of 100% UNREFINED Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. 💁‍♂️

What is biohacking?

*Biohacking can be described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology. For many “biohackers,” this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being. Biohacks promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function.

In other words, Its Bro Science!! 🤣

There are many brands of CDB oils out there in the market but 99% of them are garbage with little or no CDB oil at all. 🤦

However, I found a company called "For The People" that provides "Pure", "Raw", and "Potent" CBD oil to the masses.

The products are legit and I've been a customer for years and in my opinion, they are the best ones in the market if you are looking for some high quality CBD oils.

You can check out "For The People" Website Right Here...



The only draw back is the pricing, they are highly expensive... but if you want the best, you gotta pay for it. 😅

I'll keep ya'll updated if I feel better using this new product. I even got a new order of new CBD Vapes coming in this week and I'll post about it later this week.

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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For best benefits is a balance of thc & cbd . Its just fact . Cures cancer too. Most sheeple reject the fact.


Thanks for the info! Glad to see you back posting on Appics, long time no see my friend! 👍👍👍🥰

Yes! I need to stop being lazy lol

Missed you friend, good to have you back 😊

Same! I have to start posting more! I’ve been hiding out lol

I’ve heard of roids but noids lol next level

Haha, I might need some now after taking 3 months off 😂

CBD Distillery works good brother, pretty cheap. I really want to make my own though.

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