How To Trick Your Mind ~ The Power Of Visualization 👁 💫 We’re physically saying ...

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... goodbye to the summer but to be honest, I’m not ready to let go of this amazing feeling of the sun tingling my skin ☀️ , iced matcha latte’s 🍵 , late night talks under the stars 🌟 , boat rides 🚣 and reading books 📚 in a hammock.

Some of my early Steemit followers may remember my blogpost series “How To Trick Your Mind 🧠 ” where I talk about simple things that you can add into your daily routine, that will completely blow your mind and elevate your thinking! 💭
I thought it’s time to bring it back and share my knowledge with you! In the following months, we will experience cozy, grey, and rainy days especially here in Europe so it’s the perfect time to learn something new, get out of your comfort zone and learn to uplift your mood at any moment!

Today I just want to quickly jump into the topic of visualization! Did you know that your brain can not differentiate between what’s real and what’s artificial? That explains why you get scared in a horror movie 🎥 because your mind can not differ between reality and the movie!

If we have the power to “manipulate” our brain, why don’t we use it in a positive, more powerful way?
For example, I am very happy when the sun is out and the sky is deep blue, lots of nature around me, preferably the ocean. So whenever I get lost in my emotions during a cold November day, I can easily sit down, put on some relaxing music and visualize myself on a beach in Hawaii 🌺 My brain will immediately flip the switch and spill hormones of joy like serotonin.

Now let’s dive even deeper into this topic because visualization is more powerful than you might think! ☝🏽
There is a technique called “Visualization” which turns your dreams and goals into reality. Used properly, it can improve your life and attract success as well as prosperity!

Having crystal clear images of what you want enables you to align with the frequency that’s an exact match to your dream! ✨
And the truth is, you are constantly using imagination because you THINK all the time. Actually, you are mostly repeating thoughts of your past and that is why your surroundings won’t change and dreams won’t come true!

Start using the visualization technique in a more intelligent way and create a reality that’s based on what you truly love! 💫
Important note❗️Add 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and visualization to your daily routine. Keep repeating clear images of your goal until it comes true ✨

Sending you lots of love and warm hugs 🤗 Soldier


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I’m a fun of visualization... this stuff works ... I experienced that so many time. We are exactly the result of what we are thinking of and project in our mind....! Thank for sharing the great knowledge and stay so blessed as you are my friend 🤩✨👌🏿!

Yes, I am obsessed with your physical beauty, of course you are very beautiful and beautiful, just have not understood your mind

Very interesting. Do you know Joe Dispenza? He makes a lot of scientific research about the topic that the mind does not make a difference between whats real and what you just imagening. Check him out. Lots of testimonals on youtube. Thanks for your helpful post🙏

Thanks my dear for this positive energy, I certainly will try this meditation... 🌧 🌧 on the rainy days 😊😀

Looking so sun kissed and Beautiful @soldier ! I'm definitely going to try out your visualization techniques especially as we head into winter soon and lots of snow up here in the mountains I will be visualizing and dreaming of summer all winter long lol! May the sun always shine on you and bring you much love, health and happiness!🥰🥰🥰🧘🧘🧘

I just broke from my deep meditation session, 😉 after getting hung up on a song that is almost finished, and then read your message.
This is what I believe in also.
Visualize with the mind's eye what's true and good inside.
With a connection to the higher frequencies that exist in the universe, and feel the earth vibrate, we can feel and heal and deal, as we attract the maximum out of life we can, as we are swimming in happiness and good vibes for all those around the land with a helping hand.

Be well my friend and be sound of mind.

Speak what is good all the time, for building up as the need may be, to impart what is beneficial for the hearers to see...
As I visualize the 🤗 hug as it maybe.

Thanks for this😊

Glad to see this thanks for the sharing , So sweet looks ma'am,

Ma'am, after long time, I am back with a short film, you told as if I attach subtitles on the video, I did it. this time I hold the image of street childrens and helpless children. How painful Their life is, how much suffering they are. And I just upload it, Ma'am, if you check it I will be pleased.❤️

Great photo, enjoy the weather while it lasts. ☺️

You are so beautiful

Or simply close your eyes and think of Mauritius! 😉😉😉
Over here...summer is bk...🌞🌞🌞
And our borders opening as October 1st!

For real? Do visitors have to be in quarantine when they arrive?

Yes for real but have 15days quarantine at approx 1100usd per people...

I know these 15 days can be tough, but have options....

Check out the deals hotels are proposing for the quarantine.

already experiencing rainy days!! Btw, that's so interesting! Is that some sort of meditation? I am gonna try that😁😁💯

Same over here -.- and I am not a fan of rain 🌧 ... plants need it but the cloudy sky is disturbing my peace 😁 You can do it as a meditation for sure! I like to put on a guided meditation about visualization. You should try it

I dare You to post a picture where You don't look good.

😆😅😂 she will still look absolutely stunning even on a whacky or just-woke-up photo!

Looking great ☺☺

Ha thanks my love 🙋I want try visualizing tomorrow 🙏☺️🤗

Happy to hear that! ☺️🙌🏽 Do it regularly and see what happens!

I will 🙌 😊

Wow,,fresh looking..❤

The mind was very good while taking pictures so it looks very beautiful

Oh it's kinda interesting to program our way of thinking or to set our minds visualizing something that we want to happen.

Exactly! You should try it. I am also starting to do it more often. Let’s see what happens ☺️

Ma'am, after long time, I am back with a short film, you told as if I attach subtitles on the video, I did it. this time I hold the image of street childrens and helpless children. How painful Their life is, how much suffering they are. And I just upload it, Ma'am, if you check it I will be pleased.❤️

Really awesome picture, I'm already fascinated by the picture, anyone who sees you will be crushed 😇😍

Wow! Stunning looks💞👌

beautiful 🌸🤗

With Passion

Gorgeous looking dear. ♥♥😘

wow looking so beautiful. great shot

I should really try that sounds interesting

Thank you so much for reminding me of this wonderful technique!!! 💯🔥❤️

Wow.. Really this looking so beautiful...good shot👌

Stunning babe!

So gorgeous! ❤️❤️

Hey dear soldier,
I love this post & tricks. Obviously we should be happy. We should Improve our life. We should be success.
I love this hastag #howtotrickyourmind.
I want to say something on this hastag. I want to say some inspirational message to all to be happy with this hastag. What you think? May I try??

The picture is very beautiful

The picture speaks a lot more 😉

Nice onderful

Really nice picture 🌿

looking so nice 😍

Waaaah, you're gorgeous

Nice one 👌👌

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