I wrote this article 4!!!! Years ago on the #blockchain. I am curious what lies beyond ...

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... and what was in my mind back in the days.

“It May Be Your Idea Of #Utopia, But It's Not Mine - The #Illusion Of #Paradise
mammasitta (70)in #utopia • 4 years ago “


Show us the way to Utopia, an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. I often day dream and vision such loving community, a society who is possessing highly desirable qualities where we would live together as ONE, in the most caring and loving way.
Is it possible or just an illusion?

In Utopia, there would be always great order, education of both sexes, communal ownership, religious tolerance with simple laws leading to peace and overall population's much needed happiness. LOVE!

“Kindness and good nature unite men more effectually and with greater strength than any agreements whatsoever, since thereby the engagements of men's hearts become stronger than the bond and obligation of words.”
― Thomas More,Utopia


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