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Dear APPICS Family! First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! ... 💥✨

We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of our APPICS' members. 🙏
Your support and dedication is what keeps us going and motivated.

Even though we have already achieved a lot while in Beta and our community is growing stronger, keep in mind that we have only been testing and haven't even gotten started. As soon as our APPICS blockchain is live we are ready to take off like a rocket ship, get APX listed on large exchanges, onboard the masses and turn our vision for APPICS into reality. 💥🚀 2021 is our year to shine!

📲 While you've been actively engaged on the current platform, we have been actively working in the background, testing, preparing, as well as working on a range of exciting surprise side projects, to bring as much value to our APPICS community as possible.

We are aware that you all are waiting for the Telos migration to happen and as soon as the development has been completed and everything is robust, we will release the updated version.

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💡 Great development takes time and continuous bugs are inevitable, but with a dedicated team we can make fast progress and resolve issues quickly. At the current stage, the fundamental development of our blockchain has been completed, and the blockchain has been linked to our applications. When we started testing, the APIs showed errors, which required our developers to find a solution and upgrade the version of our connector. The connector has now been updated and we can continue with testing. ☑️
Regarding development of our apps, Android is in the second phase of development, making good progress, while iOS is in the third and final phase, ready for testing.

💰 The preparations for the token swap are in full effect and we cannot wait to be able to announce a date for the migration soon.

While the tokenswap process for the APX tokens you hold in your account wallet will be included seamlessly into the APP, there will also be a simple process for tokens you may hold on an exchange. We will announce it in time and give you guidance on where to transfer your APX tokens from Newdex to, in order for you to receive the new, post-migration APX token.

As previously stated, we still have a few internal development milestones to achieve and bugs to resolve before we can begin testing to a greater extent.

photo_2021-01-05 18.24.31.jpeg

Over the holidays we had a few dedicated developers working through the weekends, but of course our team deserved some quiet time off work and with their families to recharge.

So now, in the first week of January we are picking up the pace again. 💪

In order to speed things up even further we are continuously looking for new developers and are in the process of onboarding two new developers for iOS and Android this week.

While the migration is in progress, our Ambassadors are more dedicated and passionate than ever, and our network of influencers and talents joining APPICS is expanding every day. 🌎

We have prepared and built an ecosystem that is eagerly waiting for the main launch and now that we are closer than ever, it's the perfect time to stock up on some APX tokens and increase your voting power before the public launch. ⚡️

Our philosphy reflects transparency and we want to keep you updated on our behind-the-scenes progress until the launch.
We hope you enjoyed this status update report.

THANK YOU for being a part of the APPICS family, for your engagement, love and support. 🙏🌎💙



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can't wait anymore 🤯✨🙏thanks a lot for the update!

We are very excited as well 🙊😁 can’t wait to test it soon with all ambassadors!

great update team APPICS💪🏻thanks for your hard work and giving every user the possibility to shine✨🤙🏻

Thank you @hauptmann for your lovely comment and your ongoing support for APPICS!

🔥Great News🔥 Good Things Take Time 💯
Nervous already 😅

Thank you for the support @zanoni 🙏🏼

Thx for the update. Sounds incredible and we are ready for take off

this is great news🤩. I really appreciate the transparency you have on this migration process🙏. I know from own experience that the last mile can be very long. keep up your passion, endurance and open communication😊. it's worth it to take the necessary time for a great launch without troubles❣

Totally agree!🥰👍

Thank you for your supportive comment! Much appreciated 🙏🏼 and totally agreed

I designed the Appics and Telos logos 🤘🤙 please check out my profile 🥰🙏

Thanks so much for the update, I have been slowly buying Apx around 1000 at a time as I exchange steem on Steem-Engine and I'm also buying with DEC Iget on Splinterlands, I'm up to around 4,000 plus and will keep adding to my wallet until its almost time to migrate, its fun to watch it grow before powering up, hope to reach over 10,000k to add to my all ready 113,000.00 powered up, Woot!! I can't wait to check out and test the App then migrate over to Telos, theis will be a Legendary Year for Appics/Apx, LETS GO!🤩👍🤑💃🕺🎉🎈🧨🎇🎆🧨🎈🎊

That’s great news! Thank you Karen for your support and positive energy as always 🔥💪

Your welcome, always happy to support great projects, Go Appics!👍🥰

Appics to the MOON! 2021 😎🔥🚀

😌 💥 🚀 🔜🌝

Wow 🤩... hard working team ... really pretty proud of you guys and happy to be part of this huge thing to come. Can‘t wait to cheers 🥂 up with you guys soon. Stay blessed 🤩✨🙏🏿

Thank you very much Cele 🙏🏼 we’re happy to have you on board!

Amazing! Absolutely excited for these development. Glad to hear that Android is on second phase. Looking forward to testing the new, and more powerful Telos powered app. 🤩

Thank you very much! We can’t wait to start testing and experiencing the new blockchain with our APPICS family!

Good news 📰💯❤️
We are glad to know this great news. And soon we will reach our goal 🔜🔥💯❤️🚀🚀🚀

Yes exactly ⏳💥

Thank you!

This is great news 😊 I am waiting for TELOS.

Thank you very much! We’re eagerly waiting as well

I was waiting for this. I can't wait anymore for the migration. I hope it is so close now

We’re so excited as well 🤞😁

Thanks for the Update! Appics its a very amazing project and Im sure it will have a great future. 👍

Thank you very much for your support and belief in APPICS! 🙏🏼

Very interesting Development News 📰 🤩🤙

Thank you 💪

Thank your for such a great update🙏. I am very patient and so should everbody be. Great things need time🤩

Thank you for understand and your support 🙏🏼 happy to have you on board for this journey!

Great Update Team🙏. This means we are so so soooo close to the migration💥💥.

Thank you 💪 yes closer than ever 🔥

Thank you for the update. I can't wait to see this officially launch and take off.

Thank you very much! We’re super excited about what’s to come!

Thanks so much for this update.
We will fly to the moon soon 🤩❤✌

Thanks for your support and belief in APPICS! 🔥🙏🏼

What happens with our appics on scatter, do we have to send them somewhere?

Yes. But we will announce instructions for what to do with EOS-based APX tokens in time for the token swap. There is nothing you need to prepare in advance!

Thanks! Because I somehow was to confused to send them to my APX-Steemit-Account.

keep spirit

Good news 😍😍 very Excited😘😘❤❤

Excited 😃

That's what I love, transparency, credibility and hard work, thank you very much 😊

Good job👍👍

Great News. I'm very excited about this. I've racked up APX tokens, ready for take off.

Thank you very much for the news. and the chance to be part of the APPICS family.Great work👍😘

I have always been hopeful, faithful and loyal to APPICS. The excitement that I feel is like a fire burning inside my heart continuously.

Already cascaded this info to the Philippine community.

Thank you for the update.

Thank you for your great idea and your work🙏

Well done
Thanks for your efforts and sacrifice
Thanks for the update
Happy new year
Appics to the moon

Million thanks for update progress. Can't wait for new Blockchain of Telos.

Super excited about everything you do to improve! I am patient 🤪

I made an appics logo with rose. Given a chance please check my appics profile, sir 🥀🙏

I'm so excited 🥰❤️ valuable information 🤟🤟

appics to the moon ❤️💪💪

Thanks for the awesome update, I can't wait to be a tester then continue my Ambassadorship @karenmckersie once we migrate, We are Just getting started, Exciting times ahead, I can't wait, Go Appics!🥰🤩👍🎉🚀🚀🚀

Great information! Keep it up and we are here to support.

Excited 😛

We are excited too 🙌🔥

Let´s make your dreams come true Appics! 🤟

Let’s do it 💥🚀🔜🌝

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