2020 is coming to an end. This year has shown us that even though we can’t be close ...

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... physically, there is incredible technology that allows us to stay connected virtually! 📲

We want to thank everyone of YOU in our global community for your support this year 🙏🏼

The APPICS family has not only grown in size but also grown closer together this year: so many connections and friendships have formed through genuine interaction on APPICS and that is just incredible to watch 🌎💙

We wish everyone a blessed and safe holiday celebrating into the new year! 🥂 🎇


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Wish appics teams also a safe holiday and a happy new year 2021.

We have been Doing our thang with the gang continuing to maintain the Appics game to entertain the flame and lift up the lame and stake your claim of the name with no shame till the endgame to begin again... We all win... Good bye 👋 2020 #appics2020 #apxnewyear here we come 2021....

Hey, I love Appics but I wonder why my account says I have 99 dollars worth of APX when I only have 300 tokens. Where do these pumped numbers come from? Would be grateful for some light on this.

Hello there @vientolibre, I love appics too and we, in the Ambassadors team are happy that our members are loving it. The Dollar sign you see is the ICO price of the token (during the launching). Kindly disregard that one though that is the goal @$0.15 ...

It will be updated soon once we migrate to the Telos Blockchain from steemit.

For updates and if you wanted your questions to be answered real-time, please join the Telegram GC. Search for appics_official.

See yah.

ok... that good..together will be

Today is the last day of 2020. May 2021 bring happiness, peace and good health in everyone's life💞

Thanks so much!! I have loved meeting so many awesome people and making great connections along the way, we truly are one big happy family!🥰👪👍I'm looking forward to following my Appics Fam when we Fully launch on the Telos Network and Blast off to the Moon and beyond with everyone! We Are Just Getting Started, 2021 Is Going To Epic!🚀🚀🚀🎉💯💥🧨🚀🎉🚚💨

Happy New year 2021 ❤️👌🌅

Appics to the MOON! 😎🔥🚀

Happy new year 2021❤❤😍😍👌👌

Today is the last day of the year and starting tonight is tomorrow and let everyone know in advance Happy New Year 2021


without a great team behind the scenes all this wouldn't have been possible🤩. thank you for your passion and commitment and driving this platform in a splendid future🙏. celebrate the achievements of 2020 🥂😊.

Happy NY!⚡⚡⚡


I agree with the genuine connection that the members have formed. To the moon APX! And our platform APPICS, mainstream.

Happy new year 2021🎉🎉

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