Backpack LOVE / バックパック愛

in CATSNAPS4 years ago

I made Pepper mad trying get my backpack back xD



She almost turned into Evil Pepper a little while ago...
I thought she only likes my daughter’s backpack but I guess she just LOVE backpacks.
Funny kitty xD
I usually don’t go out with backpacks...I don’t think she is trying to tell me not to go...she just loves to nap on it xD

少し前に 悪ペッパー になりかけていたし...
ちなみに、私は普段はバックパックは使わないので ”行かないで“と訴えているのではないと思います。




She was cute but I really had to get ready.



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She takes good pictures.. Always looking at the camera... 😼

She does!...because I chase her until she looks at the camera 😆
You don’t want to see the funny things that I’m doing to get her attention 😆😂😆

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